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May 2005 Winner - The Four Deuces Two

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces 2 Parties!

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May 2005 Winner - The Four Deuces Two

Postby Mary Newhall » May 31st, 2005, 9:19 pm

The Four Deuces Two is a definite must play game after The Four Deuces. Many of our original guests came, happy to have a second chance to improve on their characters. We also had several first-time murder mystery participants, who later made a point of insisting they be invited to the next game. There was no question of 'if you have another one', it was 'when you have another party, invite me, or else...' The best measure of how the evening went was when the game was over and the men who had been less than excited about an evening of make-believe didn't want the fun to end.

Before sending out the invitations and character assignments, we send an announcement that the Four Deuces was having a new years bash, providing the date and time and asking potential guests to RSVP before we assigned parts. That eliminated the stress and worry of having to reassign characters at the last minute. Once we had a confirmed guest list, we gave out the necessary information and were good to go.

The sign at the head of the driveway welcomed our visitors to Chicago December 31, 1924, and the sign on the front door directed members of 'The Ladies Temperance Society' to use the side entrance. The red light in the upstairs window glowed around the seductively-clad dummy who gazed down at the arriving guests, beckoning to any gentlemen who might be interested in a later visit to the 'private rooms' above the speakeasy.

We had a bar set up with Madame MeMe as bartender, a perfect spot for the hostess, and a good place to catch information and gossip, and spread a rumor or two, as well as make sure the scheduled events occurred in a timely way. With a couple different wines, some good Italian beer, mixings for martinis, diet and regular sodas and plenty of ice, everyone got what they wanted to drink. Rather than a sitdown dinner, we served finger foods so that the crowd kept circulating, and the game flowed very well.

Carrie Crooner performed a jazz song, then sang a moving Italian aria about love and death as a tribute to the victim at the first game, but before she was very far into the song, BANG! The gunshot (we used a training device for hunting dogs that fires a .22 blank--great sound effect) went off and we had another corpse to deal with.

Other than the performance by Carrie, we played Scott Joplin ragtime tunes, and after the murder, the music from the soundtrack of Anatomy of a Murder to keep the mood going. Costumes ranged from rented get-ups complete with tommy guns to thrift store finds, and everone looked great!

The men who had come dragging their heels to a 'dress up and make believe party' got into the game and were the last to leave, wanting to keep playing once they got going.

After the party, guests approached us saying they couldn't wait for the next invitation, so of course we'll have to have another party! It is well worth the effort to put it together.

Our guests ranged in age from 20 to 80, which just goes to show, you're never the wrong age to get caught up in the fun of one of these games!
Mary Newhall
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Postby 2coolbaby » June 1st, 2005, 2:28 pm

Mary won our May 2005 Contest. This is her second contest win. At this rate she will never have to purchase another murder mystery game again :D

Mary is a writer and it shows in the detailed reviews she gives. Mary - You are welcome to reply to this post and list some of your books and/or upcoming books. I am sure many of our visitors would be interested.

I get a LOT of short notes from customers telling me how much they enjoy our games or how great their party was. I love hearing these stories, but why not post them here in our contest forum and let the world see and possibly get your next murder mystery game free?!
Mary Lee
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