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Something I'm gonna try.. (Possible spoiler?)

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Something I'm gonna try.. (Possible spoiler?)

Postby J » August 18th, 2008, 6:41 pm

Solve the murder before the end? And catch the murderer read handed? Here's what I was thinking:

Write a note down, that says...

"At 12:00 Midnight, I will turn off the lights. I do not know who you are, murderer, but I will create a diversion in another/opposite part of the house, and turn off all of the lights. This will give you ample time to steal the evidence that you surely know will point us in your direction. If you agree to these terms, leave $1000 in this envelope and leave it here. I will check for it at 11:30. If the money is here, the plan will go through at 12:00. If the money is not here, I hope that you can escape when we find out who you are!"

So I would write that, and hide it somewhere. Maybe in the oven. Or the fridge.. or the cookie jar!

Then, I would start a rumor among everybody. I would tell everybody

"Hey, I dont know if you're the murderer, but if you're not, tell everybody you can. There's a note for the murderer in the oven. If you aren't the murderer, don't go into the fridge looking for it."

One by one I'll tell people that.


The murderer will surely hear the rumor, and surely check it out. They'll definitely see the note, and PROBABLY want to go with it. So lets say they do put the money down. I'll go back, get the money, and set things up to happen.

Once 12:00 rolls around, we'll turn off the lights. But before hand, I'll tell the inspector what the plan is. We'll leave the inspector hiding near the evidence, and turn off all the lights.

When he hears the suspect moving about near the evidence, we'll flick all the lights back on and the murderer will be caught trying to destroy evidence!

I'm not sure if that will kill some aspect of the night, but it would be really cool to pull off. lol. Maybe instead of reading the solution, we can do that in the end. And then after, read off the evidence that points in their direction anyway? Hmm.


PS. The reason I said spoiler is incase nobody knows how the murderer is actually caught during the night. On the side of caution here :D
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Re: Something I'm gonna try.. (Possible spoiler?)

Postby LauHeagn » July 24th, 2020, 2:26 am

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