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Festive Immortal murders in Wales!!

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Festive Immortal murders in Wales!!

Postby Chelle03 » December 30th, 2008, 8:41 am

It is 7.30pm on Saturday 27th September 2008 and there are 14 very mysterious and amusing characters roaming around the large 17 century house that we have rented for Christmas. Mr T is the first to arrive closely followed by all the other unusual suspects - Fairies, King/Count Dracula, Dana Scully/Fox Mulder, Dancing Queen, Prince Charming and Keith Richards to name but a few!! Everyone is itching to get started and you can feel the tension, excitement and yes a bit of confusion in the air as family and friends get warmed up and in to role. Some are slightly more reserved than others but everyone quickly gets into the swing of things and it is full steam ahead especially when the clue sheets are given out and the scavenger hunt begins. As the hostess, it was hysterical to take a step back and watch the action - people quickly lost all inhibitions and there were giggles all round (even from the dead which was a bit disturbing!!) It was also a refreshing change not to be sat down for dinner and much more entertaining to be up and about. The plot was intriguing - I particularly liked how there was lots of scope for the number of characters that could attend and it was very impressive how all these characters were equally detailed and cleverly interwoven. Once the game got going, it quite happily progressed by itself, needing me only for organisational features. I have come to the conclusion that my family and friends are a crafty and murderous bunch! - a total body count of 6 (I think!) and it could have increased had more people realised just how much scope they had and how scheming they could be!! By this point everyone was more than keen to assume another character if they were unfortunate enough to meet their maker rather earlier than expected! No doubt about it - a fun night was had by all and we will definately would like a repeat performance with a new mystery to solve!!

I also recently organised the "death by chocolate" for our teacher's christmas do - spectacular perfomances from all (helps to be extrovert, mad teachers I think!) I have never laughed so much in all my life!! Role playing continued well into the following day at school even when murder was solved!!
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Re: Festive Immortal murders in Wales!!

Postby TobyVanthoff » October 17th, 2020, 4:52 am

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