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Immortal Murder, Australia, May 09

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Immortal Murder, Australia, May 09

Postby JodiS » June 5th, 2009, 8:33 am

Thank you for the provision of this fantastic game. I had never attended a murder mystery party prior to this, but due to your wonderful support and simplistic game instructions, the whole night went off without any problems.

My murder mystery night was actually an all girls night. No girl who attended had ever been to a murder mystery party before, and so were a little anxious as to how it would all work out. I had ladies attend who were all ages and personalities and they all played their parts so well. There were moments were guests were playing their characters so well that it was difficult to keep playing my own part as all I wanted to do was laugh. I actually played the inquisitor role as well as the host, so often it was difficult to maintain a serious outlook. Throughout the party the guests enjoyed themselves so much, and the spells that were cast had everyone in a great state of giggles. They were fabulous. At one point we had one person who was still as a statue, another who had an awful case of the itches and another clucking like a chicken - all at the same time!

The decorations, which unfortunatly due to poor lighting did not show up very well in the pictures, involved the whole party being done by candlelight, with Phantom of the Opera music playing in the background. I had spider webs hung everywhere, with glow in the dark bugs (spiders, bats etc) strung all around the room. I also managed to obtain the use of a fog machine for the night, which when combined with the candles gave an awesome effect to the overall theme.

My guests all got very involved in preparing for their characters, with the lady who played Prince Allendro adding padding to provide the "extra equipment" needed for a male character. I managed to get hold of a top hat and tails for the role of the inquistor, with other guest showing up in some stunning dresses and gowns.

I was so impressed with how well the guests were able to dress for the occassion, and this was made so much more simpler with the fact that you provided such wonderful information for the characters to follow prior to the game. Everyone had such a wonderful night, that a guest at mine has since bought another murder mystery game and we are all gearing up for another fabulous night next month. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
The Inquisitor and Isis.jpg
The Inquisitor and Isis
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Professor Jackson
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Prince Allendro DEAD.jpg
Prince Allendro has been murdered
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Natasha under a Itchy Spell
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