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Amazing Halloween Party!!!

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Amazing Halloween Party!!!

Postby Ashley3496 » November 1st, 2009, 5:17 pm

My friend and I hosted the Immortal Murders for our Halloween party. There were 17 of us ranging from 15-17 and everyone had a great time. We kept dinner simple with pizza and had everyone bring in some finger food for the refreshment table. We even had a punch bowl and butterbeer. We were surprised at how little the food was touched. Everyone was so into the game that they forgot about eating! That’s also the reason we don’t have any pictures :( . We kept our decorations simple with orange, black, and purple streamers dividing up the rooms, icicle lights and other dim lighting to create that elegant yet mysterious effect, and we decorated the tables. We used the whole downstairs and the back deck so that there were plenty of places to spread out. We had a problem with people flaking on us and having to find replacements. Our Prince Allendro canceled just three days before. We were in a panic but we just shifted our Anubis to Prince Allendro and had a girl play Anubis. I had never even been to a murder mystery party before so I was a little worried about things working out but everything fell into place. It of course started out a little slow but picked up quickly and things got really intense. We only had one murder at the very end. Our best costume went to Anubis and best performance went to Bastet (me, yay!). Guinevere was really good at bribery and had the most money at the end. We only had three people actually solve the murder. Most people were so caught up their character’s own personal drama that they forgot about the main murder. It was pretty intense and absolutely amazing. We all had so much fun. It would be really awesome if you could make an Immortal Murders II. I know we would all love to do this next Halloween. We thought about doing the Murder at the Four Deuces but one of my friends just did that one. We really loved the characters in this game and would absolutely love an Immortal Murders II.
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Re: Amazing Halloween Party!!!

Postby 2coolbaby » November 2nd, 2009, 3:04 pm

So happy you enjoyed it. I am not sure about an immortal murders 2, but we are in the process of creating some games that would be fun for Halloween.
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