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Immortal Extras

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Immortal Extras

Postby Hendel » August 14th, 2006, 6:53 pm

We're going to be running a multi-group version of The Immortal Murders, probably around 50 people, for our anniversary this Halloween. We've come up with a couple of ideas for expanding on the setting - I thought I'd throw these out and see if they sparked anything with any of you (we could especially use more spell ideas).

Many of our guests have young children. We're going to designate them all as "Gremlins", who, (*only*) at the direction of the host, will perform various minor acts of mischief - taunting a character by copying everything they say or do for five minutes, making two characters swap money/items/spells, singing something silly at a character for five minutes, etc. We're going to issue a few chocolate coins to each character which can be used to buy off the gremlins, but when those run out...

We're buying a few bulk sacks of assorted world coins from a local coin dealer - not too expensive, but given to each quest in a little jingly pouch they'll give a nice exotic feel to things instead of passing out photocopied bills. Keeping it simple, regardless of where a coin is from or the face value, each coin is $10.

The bartender will have a collection of extra spells and a few magic items that characters can purchase - no set prices, and no shopping list - they approach, make an offer, and he decides what, if anything, they get. Things like:


One-Eyed Jack - subject must stagger about as if drunk, and talk like a pirate - specifically, punctuating everything with the phrase "Arrrgh!"

Gremlin Magnet - subject is automatically the gremlins' next target.

Bad Dog - subject must pretend to be a dog, communicating solely by barking and tail-wagging. Very offensive to members of the Were clan (*especially* if one of them is the subject).


Pendant that allows any character to pretend that they are *another* character (appearance only, no special knowledge thus granted) for 15 minutes, or until they're seen by the character being copied.

Last, because we're running a multi-group game, there will be two or more "copies" of almost every character at the event.When spell is cast upon a character, if other "copies" of that character are in the same room, the would-be subject has a chance to rock-scissors-paper with the "copies". A win, and the spell effect is transferred to the copy, not the intended subject. Any spell intended to get information that is "bounced" in this way simply fails, as communication between parallel universes does not work.

We're looking to elaborate on all of these ideas in the next couple of months. I'd usually throw this kind of thing out to the members of my polyblog, but in this case, most of them will be guests at the party, so it'd spoil the surprises. How many people are reading these forums, anyway?
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Postby 2coolbaby » August 14th, 2006, 7:35 pm

There are usually 2-5 people on at most times. Not terribly busy, but not dead either. Your ideas are great. I also wanted to let you know that I am releasing an Immortal Murders Extra Character Packet tomorrow. It has 10 more characters created just for this kit. I just have to get the rest of the booklets turned into pdf's.

Another thing you should know. There is really no reason that you could not make multiple copies of the spell cards. Why should there only be 1 of each spell? With that many people they would probably still never see any spell more than once even if there were a few of that spell out there.

I think your Gremlin idea is brilliant! It is a great way to give the kids something fun to do.

Thanks so much for posting your ideas!
Mary Lee
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Postby Hendel » August 14th, 2006, 8:44 pm

We do plan to have duplicate sets of the spells and weapons, one for each game. My wife and I are going to play the two murder victims (just have a single pair for all 2-3 "copies" of the game), and may have just one Inquisitor as well. The extra spells we're coming up with are just fun extras, that won't be handed out at the beginning but can only (initially) be acquired from the bartender with game money. Nothing that affects the game, nothing that gives away game information (well, mostly not - the identity theft pendant blurs that line a bit), just fun silly stuff.

As for spectral powers, I wasn't thinking anything that would unbalance the game there, either. Maybe let them (people murdered at the game) continue playing their original character, but without ability to use items/spells/weapons and only able to answer or ask game questions via mutely acting them out - dead charades. On the up side, they'd be immune to gremlins (or maybe they'd gain a bonus bag of the chocolate coins, to bribe the gremlins into going after their killer). For the original Inquisitor, maybe some kind of limited invisibility, allowing him to briefly eavesdrop on others' conversations (but if a spell is cast upon anyone participating in the conversation, while he's "invisible", *he* automatically becomes the target). Or maybe even that's too much - maybe he just shares the influence on the gremlins (an extra bag of the chocolate coins up front).

We're encouraging full costumes (we're going to have a face painter there to do up anyone that came bare-faced, and my wife and I are going to get the works - contact lenses, fangs, latex appliances, etc), and expect to have even more fun than we did with the Santa Clause a few years ago. I'll send pictures afterward.
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