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Just Hosted Immortal Murders

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Just Hosted Immortal Murders

Postby WaffleT » October 29th, 2011, 5:18 am

Phew I just finished cleaning up my place after hosting my event and I'm pooped. The game was very intense and I'm now going over it in my head trying to remember everything.

Unfortunately I had 6 people cancel at the last moment and needed to do some reassigning and this meant that with 12 people at the event there were many instances where people were referring to characters that were not there and we missed out on a few pieces of the drama.

I also goofed because one of the characters who couldn't come was assigned to be one of the two murder victims and then a secondary character. I then wanted to make sure that the person who needed to die and then be reassigned would be able to handle it so i gave it to one of the essential 8 who was more experienced and i knew could handle it. But they ended up being the murderer of the two victims so they needed to simultaneously try murder and be murdered by themselves. We sorted this out pretty easily as its not supposed to be obvious who murdered them anyway but unfortunately not without them asking me how they were supposed to do it and letting me know they were the murderer.

I enjoyed setting up the gambling, unfortunately people were far too tight with their secrets and no amount of cash could persuade people to let loose a tip that they weren't already planning on giving. I found my guests were also very into hoarding their items and at the end of the game almost everyone had the same items they started with. Next time i think I might try and introduce some sort of bonus to trading to encourage people to let their items circulate and find the person that can use them.

Because many people were flushed with cash due to gambling and they didn't seem to be having much luck with bribery I decided to give everyone 1 spell card and then auction off the rest. It was quite interesting to see how much people would pay for certain cards. The buyer of the fake death spell immediately used it on the richest player and stole back more money then he spent on the card so that was a very good thinking for them :)

I had a blast with hiding the spell cards. I hid them in what i thought were obvious places but got to watch 5 guests check the microwave before one of them found the weapon card stuck to the roof of the microwave and made the others look like fools :)

Our murderer did a brilliant job of fading into the background. They managed to avoid pretty much all of the drama and in the end nobody fingered them as the murderer

Next time I'm thinking of implementing a somewhat different form for in game murdering though. All 3 of the murders that occurred it was immediately obvious who the murderer was because everyone was paying close attention to whenever two people went into a different room alone.

My guests tend to be pretty observant so next time i think I will add a 5 minute delay between a weapon card being used and the death of the guest to allow them to avoid suspicion somewhat. I still want it to be able to be figured out though so maybe I'll make them leave a mark with what race they are or maybe just as simple as their gender to give some clue

I had fun with this and will certainly do another murder mystery from this company after my place has had some time to recover :)
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Re: Just Hosted Immortal Murders

Postby 2coolbaby » January 12th, 2012, 10:04 pm

I enjoyed reading your post about your party WaffleT.

Guests not showing up is just rude. 6 is unbelievable rude. I once had a couple that called the day of the party that were main character who said they wouldn't be coming because they were splitting up. I told them to just get over it, as that wasn't a good enough of an excuse to mess up the party for everyone else. I told her, unless you killed him, there is no excuse for you both not coming, even if they just ignored each other during the party. By the end of it, they were all lovey dovey again :D

It sounds like you overcame a mountain of issues with imagination and gusto. I am really surprised that guests clung so heartily to their cards. In our games people love to wheel and deal. Maybe it was because yours were first timers. The only character who held onto a card at our New Years Eve party was Guinevere, who had the Vampire murder card and the only vamp present was her lover and real life hubby! As I was his scion (slave), I was really trying to get hold of that card. At least until he forced me to buy the Mesmerize spell card with my own money and made me use it on the wizard who had an enchantment placed upon him that protected him from death (Immunity Spell Card). I used the mesmerize spell to make the wizard give me his enchantment (spell card) and then my master forced me to give it to him, so killing him was no longer possible. I finally managed to get the Mortal murder card and had myself killed so that I could get over being his slave! :lol: We had a ball, as usual.

Your idea for a 5 minute delay is a good one, but we really don't have that issue at our games either. There are so many rooms for people to have private conversations in and people are usually so busy doing their own scheming that they don't pay much attention to others comings and goings.

Next time, you really need to do our Murder at the Four Deuces game. It is really one of the best games ever written.

Again, thank you for your feedback!
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