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Contest Winner! Immortal Murders October 2013

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Contest Winner! Immortal Murders October 2013

Postby Mellyfish » October 23rd, 2013, 1:36 am

Every year I have to have a “big project” that I like to dedicate my time to, and this year the project was hosting a murder mystery party! After finding the Immortal Murders game, I knew I had found the perfect game for my friends and I! I live in a small town, and we do not have parties like this, (most of my friends had not heard of a murder mystery party before this) so this was a first time experience for everyone, and I thought a Costume Ball would be easy enough for the guests to start with. Since it was everyone’s first time, I wanted to make sure and get all the decorations right to set the right scene and mood for the party. I held the party in my dad’s pole barn and decorated it up like a ballroom and a lounge on the inside, and a courtyard, cemetery, and enchanted forest on the outside of it! It ended up being a little too cold outside for the guests to really enjoy the outside decorations, but some guests did go out at one point or another.

The night of the party I was so impressed that everyone (but one person) showed up at the time I had requested, and in character! This was huge shock that a group of college kids arrived at a particular (early) time they were told! I think the key was emphasizing that the party begins when everyone arrives, and that they should arrive between 6:45 and 7:00. Of course, they were all very excited for this party so that may have been the key factor as well! Anyway, the point is we began our party right on time and there wasn’t a lot of waiting around! When the guests arrived you could feel the excitement building and it remained that way the rest of the evening!

I decided to read all the parts before the party so I could be completely familiar with the story and everything that would be going on in the evening, so therefore I did not cast myself as a character. That being said, I told everyone that I was an “illusion created from all of their subconscious’s”, just to sort of give myself a little part in the whole thing. People thought it was fun talking to their subconscious about things they should or shouldn’t do!

Anyway, since my view of the party was from a different perspective than the guests of the party, I have to base the party results from what the guests have told me. First off, after the party I cannot tell you how many of the guests came up to me and told me what a great time they had and that they could not wait for the next one. Some thought that Christmas wasn’t too soon to do another one! The next day on Facebook and Twitter I received several dedicated posts and Tweets about how much fun they had had at the party! I even got some messages of people who declined the party that admitted that they regretted their decision not to come. My dad who made random visits to the barn to check the bonfire, and other checkups mentioned that every time he came out to the barn, all he heard was laughter, which indicates a good time in my book!

From my view of the party, I got to see my different friend groups interact with one another, which was so amazing! I also eavesdropped on a few conversations and was impressed by the discussion and conclusions they had arrived at! Another view I got view afterwards was from the video recording I had set up to tape the party. I got to witness a side of the party I didn’t get to see while it was going on. I actually laughed out loud watching people perform the silly spells they had cast on them!

The party began just a little after 7:00 and after the Hidden Council Meeting (10:00), I set a timer for a half an hour for everyone to wrap it up! When the deadline was up, I handed out the Whodunit Sheets. After everyone turned in their Whodunit Sheet,the Solution and Award Ceremony took place, the game was officially over; however, people stuck around afterwards to take pictures and discuss the game. The last guests did not leave until 2:00 AM because they had so much to say about the game! It was then that I got to hear stories of things the guests did that I didn’t get to witness. The guests seemed to have enjoyed casting spells and blackmailing one another! Another interesting thing I learned about my friends is that they have no issue with stealing the play money from one another, especially if someone left their money lying on the tables. I also have to mention that there were five weapon cards and all five were used throughout the night, the last one occurring at 10:27, just three minutes before the time was up!

Several of the guests complimented me on the details of the party and how excellently they were executed. As a host, I appreciate being appreciated and I am sure as the creator you feel the same! So for this, I have to thank and compliment you on how easy to was to execute this party!
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Re: Contest Winner! Immortal Murders October 2013

Postby 2coolbaby » August 14th, 2015, 5:55 pm

You have been chosen as a winner in our contest and I want to say, I loved your review and that trick with the picture frame was awesome! Thank you for sharing!
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