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September 2009 Winner: Death By Chocolate

Feedback on Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Parties.

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September 2009 Winner: Death By Chocolate

Postby CCR » September 9th, 2009, 10:39 am

Wow! What a fun, team building experience for our office! Every summer we have a day of fun and this year we decided to make it a "killer" time! Being a nonprofit organization our budget was very limited, but with the ability to print the kit off line, we saved money! One thing I love most about this website is that you give very explicit directions! Thank you! I chose not to play a character so I would be free to help as needed and not feel I had an unfair advantage or be too busy. I think I could have easily played a secondary character, but with it being our first murder, I wasn't sure.

The party committee arrived early to help "spa" up the office. We used 3 different areas to help move guests around. We had foot baths in one area, nail buffers and stickers in another and massage cushions in another. Because we were having our party in the morning, we decided on a brunch menu. Besides regular brunch food, we offered a chocolate fountain (what chocolate day spa would be without one?) and an assortment of small chocolates throughout the "spa".

As guests came in, they were greeted by Justine, the spa owner and Chastity, the bride-to-be. They received a small gift bag with their name tag, small notebook, pen, money, a copy of their character's background, large chocolate bar (for later) and spa gift. The mingling began. I was surprised how well everyone stayed in character. :)

Everyone came dressed in costume - we had some in robes for the spa feel and we had some who went with their character's personality. I was amazed to see my coworkers actually "being" their characters! Kinzie was a trooper and died beautifully!

During brunch, everyone looked over their confidentail info as they ate and chatted with other shower attendees. After Bonnie spoke with everyone and presented the evidence, everyone moved about the spa, eyeing each other suspiciously. :) Unfortunately, we had a few other "accidents" - they were dropping like flies. At one point, Belinda came into the main room and had a "fainting spell". I was concerned because I knew that the extra murders would entail a weapon. At first I thought she was really ill! Turns out she was a distraction!! The spa guests chose to find the dead bodies and alert others with screams of terror. I was laughing so hard!!

As things wound down, I passed out the Whodunit cards and the spa guests eyes were moving about the room as they filled out the card. Our original murderer did such a good job, only a few people figured it out! There were a couple girls that went way out on their costumes and their acting, each won an award! Everyone forgot they could steal money from the dead guest, but there was some bribery when Madeline saw Victoria murder someone.

Thanks again for making this such an easy, fun activity!!
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Re: Death By Chocolate August 2009

Postby 2coolbaby » September 9th, 2009, 10:47 pm

I love you girls costumes and I really enjoyed your review. I am so glad you all had a good time. These really are great for team building. I used to use my games in a murder mystery dinner theater, where most people were strangers when the night started and chatting like old friends by the end of the night. They are just so good for creating interaction and getting people comfortable with each other.
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