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We had a great time...just a few thoughts. (spoilers)

Feedback on Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Parties.

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We had a great time...just a few thoughts. (spoilers)

Postby Lanasmom95 » June 27th, 2010, 1:34 pm

We had a lovely group of 15 playing last night. EVERYONE had a wonderful time, even the people who were shy and unsure of what to do! And everyone agreed that they'd love to do it again! So I don't want any of my questions or opinions to be taken as criticism in any way! But we just had a lot of discussion afterwards that I thought I'd share.

I played the character Bonnie, so I'll start with her. I found that doing the swabs was annoyingly time consuming, so I finally just said "Ok, everyone consider yourselves swabbed". And went on with the evening, hoping and praying it wouldn't effect game play. As it turns out, it didn't. I assume the idea is that as the detective I would take the time to question people while I swabbed, but I guess I wasn't a very good detective and didn't really know what to ask. So, like I said, I skipped the swabbing and just continued with the things I was supposed to do. Which leads me to my other comment on Bonnie. In her "secrets to reveal" it says she has to tell Porche that her husband is a sleeze and that she thinks they deserve each other. So I said just that. But it felt wrong for Bonnie to say that, out of character. I wish now that I'd played more on the concept of all the girls basically abandoning Bonnie when her father left them destitute, but I just wasn't good enough on my toes to think of it at the time.

The only other "complaint" that I got from EVERYONE was that they wish they'd gotten their confidentials at the beginning of the night because it would have changed how they acted towards certain people before the first death. I think I get why that is (Kinzie has things to do...) but it was mentioned, so I thought I'd pass it on.

As I said tho, we all had a fantastic time! Probably my favorite twist of the night for us was that Porche got a murder weapon and decided to use it on herself!! :) And once people started to catch on to the murder weapons people started dropping like flies!!!

So, thank you for a fantastic evening of murder and mahem!! We'll be doing it again!!!
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