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Character isn’t at party?!!

PostPosted: December 9th, 2018, 11:10 pm
Can you tell me what a guest is supposed to do if they are supposed to have specific interactions with a character that is not attending the murder mystery? It’s described that Rebecca Ravioli is supposed to interact with Rhett Bumbler. We do not have enough people attending to have Rhett, what do we tell Rebecca?

Re: Character isn’t at party?!!

PostPosted: December 11th, 2018, 1:53 pm
by ennayr88
It doesn't really matter. Those interactions with optional characters generally say something like "if so-and-so is at the party. . . " etc. If they are not there, they just don't do that. Then if another murder occurs and you a player gets a new character, if that character is Rhett, then Rebecca can do what it says then. If not, it is still fine.