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Kids at the party???

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Kids at the party???

Postby plann2walkonwata » September 26th, 2007, 10:37 am

Would kids running around affect this party? A lot of people that will be attending have kids... just wondering if the party would still be ok
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Postby 2coolbaby » September 26th, 2007, 2:17 pm

Hm-mm, that really is a tough one to answer. How many kids? How much room do you have? How old are the kids? How well behaved are they? These are all valid questions that will affect the answer. If they are young kids that will need constant attention, then they will interfere with the party. If they are disruptive, again, they can interfere.

A good rule of thumb for kids is:

Very young kids running around at your party is not a good idea. They can be very distracting and they will not understand what is going on. If you just have a few well behaved, low maintenance children, then it should be fine, as long as you let them know that everything going on is an act. Finding Mommy lying "dead" with Daddy "grieving" over her, could be devastating to the child that does not realize it is just an act. Lights going off, loud popping noises, fake screams. These are all things that will upset children, so ALWAYS explain what is going on to any children that will be on your premises; even if you plan on them being in a separate area.

Many people have a teen or adult supervise the children, and some even plan out a children's mystery party, which can keep them occupied.

We once had 5 children 7-11 at one of our parties. They were well behaved and they had their own little party in our game room, with a teen supervising. The parents who had kids there all pitched in to pay for the teen supervisor, food, goodies and a movie.

Ages 9 + can even participate if they don't mind reading, are well behaved and the content is suitable.

I hope these tips help!
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