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Getting the ball rolling

PostPosted: November 4th, 2010, 6:51 pm
by Vickiz
This was the first time for me to host a murder mystery party as well as the first time for my friends to play. We had a bit of trouble finding out what we were supposed to do, I set up everything as instructed (we have 8 players) and everyone had their character booklets but we couldn't get the ball rolling, everyone had a problem with what to ask and who to ask, for example the character of Kiran only thought of asking The profession about the vial and why he refused to let her improve her skills with Merlin, eventually we decided not to spoil the game as we didn't know how to play (immortal murders) and decided we'll play it another time when we knew what we were doing. I wanted some tips on how to start off and get every one involved. We were very excited to play the game but none of us realized how involved it was (which actually made us more excited to play it) we just need something to point us in the right direction as I'm sure we're doing something wrong.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Getting the ball rolling

PostPosted: December 26th, 2010, 11:37 pm
by 2coolbaby
I think it would be best to email us so we can go back and forth and try to figure out what went wrong, as this just doesn't happen. My guess is someone was supposed to do some thing and didn't. The murder is supposed to occur within about 20 minutes in this game. After you read the host announcement, Gregori and Keiran should have gotten together and staged their murder, as instructed in their Character Backgrounds. Then the Inquisitor should have come to you the host and told you that they felt a death, which would have had both of you searching for the murder victims.

ALL of this information was in BOLD type in their character background booklets. It was also in the Step By Step instructions in your Host Guide. Everyone had enough information in their character backgrounds to talk to someone else about something while this was going on.

If everyone got their character background booklets and read them, then there really should not have been any problems. We have had many teen groups do this game without any issues.