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Scavenger Hunt, 4 Dueces Help Needed *SPOILER*

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Scavenger Hunt, 4 Dueces Help Needed *SPOILER*

Postby tjskupin » February 9th, 2012, 9:52 am

I'm hosting this event for a group of 13 year-old girls tomorrow.

One small issue is that none of these girls have ever seen a telephone book before.

I asked both of my daughters last week casually about it, and drew blank looks. We haven't had a phone book in the house for years, and they've never even seen one used. It just isn't part of their generation.

Do you have a suggestion for an alternate scavenger hunt game/clue/hiding spot?

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Re: Scavenger Hunt, 4 Dueces Help Needed *SPOILER*

Postby danielj2705 » February 19th, 2012, 12:01 pm

Im sorry but first haha :lol:
About your problem my only suggestion to keep the same scavenger hunt is to get a normal book and glue a picture of a telephone printed of the internet to the front of it and telephoen book or a more confusing thing is to put any book under a telephone and there we have it :)
A riddle for maybe to rplace it might be-

I have four legs but not one arm,
I cannot move, jump or turn.
Upon me I hold a beacon of light
I am not hidden but in plain sight

Can you work it out? Answer= Table (with lamp)

If you dont like that one then you could maybe use

I can dry tears
Or wash away fears
I can fight the cold
And in stores are sold

Answer = Tissues

Or final option that I can create

Frozen in time
'Will you be mine?'
Man on one knee
With his wife-to-be

This is harder but for this if you get a photo frame and use this photo ... _large.jpg

Then it is a harder one :)

Hope this helps :)
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