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Immortal Murders Murdering

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Immortal Murders Murdering

Postby phantom6 » September 27th, 2009, 9:40 pm

My sister and I throw a murder mystery for our family every year, and we're very interested in Immortal Murders, however we do have a concern. We have one room in which we hold our party, and the house is really not very big. A scavenger hunt really wouldn't work, so we thought of just choosing or randomly giving out weapon cards secretly to specific characters, however we're not sure how the murdering would go. When we're all in the same room, can murders still be performed? Could you explain in a little more detail the mechanics of the murders, or do you have a suggestion for how they could be performed in secret despite it being a public room? We are planning on having dim lighting.

Anything you've got would be great, and thanks for your help. :)
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Re: Immortal Murders Murdering

Postby 2coolbaby » September 28th, 2009, 8:38 pm

The weapon scavenger hunt is not a problem. We do give you an alternative method of drawing the weapon cards at the same time as the action cards.

The space issue could be more problematic. People need to be able to move around and mingle. They need to be able to hold private conversations and they really won't want to kill someone in a room full of witnesses. Must it be in one room only? When I had my smaller house, I had my living room, my kitchen and people also went out to the back porch. They were all small spaces, but they worked just fine.

It could be pulled off with one room, but not as easily, or as well. If the room is going to cramp everyone in and they do not have the ability to move around, then that won't work and you might want to consider renting a space. There, you have several options. Many restaurants will provide you a private room if you purchase food there, some churches rent out space for parties at a very inexpensive price. You could rent a conference room at a hotel, preferably one with a kitchenette and access to outside, halls, restrooms etc... We did that a few times for around $75.

I am not saying you cannot do it in your home, but you do need to decide the best way to do it.
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