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How do the weapons/action cards work?

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How do the weapons/action cards work?

Postby chalky » July 21st, 2010, 9:40 pm

I will be hosting my 4 Deuces party in a September so I have some time but I seem to be confussed about how the weapons and action cards are to be used that is not clarified in the notes.

Am I correct in saying that ONLY the bearer of the weapons card can murder someoneAlso seen this in the character background.?
Once the weapons card has been used can it be used again?I read the character background and seen it was noted in there.
Can the cards be brought from other players?
Do I have to use the clue sheet for the weapons as I would like to glue them to playing cards and getting everyone pick a random card from the deck instead?

Im really excited about this and have opted to make my own invitations. My mind is going wild with ideas and I'm loving it!!!

Do I have to use the templates provided or can I change accordingly to suite decorations?

Can you please advise the sole purpose of the flyer? Or is this to be used only if you wish? As I was planning on sending with my invitations. As previously mentioned I have made my own to co-inside with my decorations.
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