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Confidential Booklets BEFORE the game?

PostPosted: July 9th, 2016, 1:49 pm
by philosophist
I'm about to host my 4th Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party, Class of '57. We love your games! Feedback that I always get from my guests is that they dont feel like they have sufficient time to digest their character confidential information with all of the commotion and excitement of the party. What's the reasoning for not distributing these out to the guests BEFORE the party.

Re: Confidential Booklets BEFORE the game?

PostPosted: October 26th, 2016, 3:06 pm
by 2coolbaby
For some reason I did not get notification of this at the time you posted! So sorry about not answering it then. There are several reasons that they don't get it before hand.

1. Some people's confidentials talk about the murder and who was killed. This would surely spoil the everything.

2. We don't want certain things being said and done before the murder. Before the murder needs to be concentrated on the confrontations the murder victim has and their murder.

3. We want the guests to not be overloaded with too much information before the party. Otherwise you may get more last minute cancellations that you like. We release the information like we do for a very good reason.

4. The Confidentials are supposed to be handed out as people sit down to eat. This gives them the time to read the SINGLE sheet of information while they eat, then using that information start to feel out others based on that information, while they are relaxed and not required to do anything.

5. Waiting until the meal gives them time to start getting comfortable with the information they already have, how things work and their character before they are hit with all the things they need to say and do and secrets they know.

I have hosted over a dozen of these and over 16 years of selling them using this method and I have never heard a complaint that they don't have time to read their confidentials. Is it possible you were rushing their meal and thus not giving them time to read the confidentials?

My games were tested using different methods by a core group of experienced role players and the our process as you see now produces a murder mystery party that is successful every time, as long as the instructions of followed. In our first version and testing we tried to give out all the information before hand and I got tons of complaints that it was information overload and made people not want to participate.

As you can see, there are a LOT of reasons to not give out the confidentials before the party. Just give your guests time to read and start feeling out others over a meal before moving on to other things.