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Not enough men....

PostPosted: November 16th, 2009, 12:00 pm
by seattlefrettchen
So I would like to put on a Murder Mystery Dinner Party with another friend of mine and we're pretty sure we can get 10 - 15 people together (reliable people), but only 3 of then would be guys. I'm guessing (based on looking at other MMDPs online) that about half of the characters are supposed to be men.

Are there ways to work around this? We're a tight group of friends and I know a couple of the girls would have no problem hamming up playing someone of the opposite gender, but that only gets us up to 3 men + 2 (wo)men. Is that enough?

Re: Not enough men....

PostPosted: November 16th, 2009, 3:21 pm
by 2coolbaby
Depending on which game you choose, you only need 4-5 men. 1/2 of the minimum required guests. So if a game is 8-20, you would need 4 men, if it is 10-20, you would need 5 men... or females playing male characters. So that should work just fine for you. Just remember, that you only have 10 female characters in our main game. If you are going to have more than that, you may need an extra character packet.