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Thinking of purchasing a game, but still have questions? Post it here!

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Postby 123 » May 18th, 2006, 2:23 am

for the 4 deuces game, will a whole house need to be decorated or will one room be enough space? where, other than a house, can the game be held? could it be held in a private benquet room at a restaurant or would that be too small? the game sounds like a lot of fun, but i'm iffy about being able to pull it off..
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Postby 2coolbaby » May 19th, 2006, 11:21 am

You can choose to decorate 1 room or more than 1. That really is your personal decision. Myself I do not decorate at all! About 1/2 my guests costume and all have fun. In our mind that is the point, but we are a more informal crowd. Most people like to go all out & it does set the mood nicely, but it really isn't a requirement.

I have held parties in my home, in a banquet room & a hotel conference room! As long as your guests have room to move around a little and access to some sort of privacy. In the banquet room there was an outside deck and a bathroom, which were utilized a lot. In the conference room there was a small kitchenette, an alcove with pop machines, bathroom & access to outdoors. You can confine people to one room and it will work, but it works better if people can roam a little. Have private conversations. They do not need 'rooms' to do this. My guests favorite spot was the outdoor deck at any of my parties, no matter what the weather outside was like! One of the reasons we fell in love with our new home was a covered deck with built in benches and tables. At my last party I had things all set up indoors and everyone spent the party on the deck:-) We ended up moving the poker table out there!

Hopefully this helps. In essence you can have 1 room, but it is best if they have room to roam a little and find a little privacy. Afterall how can you rub out your worst enemy if everyone is standing around you? :twisted:
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