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Immortal Murders Characters

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Immortal Murders Characters

Postby sks74 » August 25th, 2006, 9:43 am


We are playing the Immortal Murders for a Halloween party. I've never done any "fantasy" role playing before so I was wondering if you could give a brief description of each of the "clans". For example, are the weres the same as werewolves? What's a mortal watcher? I usually let my guests pick who they want to be based on a very generic description. I'm assuming the Faes are fairies and the Mages are like "royals"...not sure about the others.
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Postby 2coolbaby » August 25th, 2006, 11:44 am

We actually created these characters from stories told from the past.

The Weres, can be werewolves, were-cats, were-bears etc... They can hold human form and change to their creature. These characters are based off the Egyptian Gods. IE: Bastet, Anubis etc... Our story suggests the Immortals were around way back then and these Immortal Weres were worshiped as Gods by the old Egyptians.

The Mages are Wizards. These characters are based off Arthurian Legend. IE: Merlin, Aurthur, Morgana, Guinevere. Our story suggests that these people were real and the stories are loosely based off the actual Mages.

The Fae Court are in stories from long past. See Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare. They are all here. The King and Queen, Puck the trickster.

The Vampyr are royal Vampire houses. Some are pure blood (born vampire), some are half blood (turned). These are the only Immortals not based of characters from the past. I created them to be very secretive & without the large egos of some of the other races :lol:

The Watchers are mortals that are entrusted with helping the immortals, and preventing the knowledge of them from becoming widely known. These positions are usually passed through the family, but occasionally one is brought from the outside. They are all part of this organization. Watchers usually hold jobs that allow them to either help the immortals or help cover up their existence. IE: Police, reporters, politicians.

In a sense all of the Immortal Races are Royals. These are the rulers of these families. In reality (in my story at least) there could be hundreds or thousands of each race. These are just the elite and rulers of them here.

Hope that clarifies what I was going for!
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Postby sks74 » August 28th, 2006, 11:02 am

Yes it does. Thanks so much
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