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Hidden Council Question

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Hidden Council Question

Postby ehendricks » October 27th, 2006, 9:20 pm


On the front of the Character Booklet/ Invitation that I mailed to the characters it states that due to recent murders we will also be holding a special Hidden Council Meeting tonight. I have a few questions regarding that sentence....

- What characters are actually on the Council

- When does this meeting occur

- What takes place at this meeting.

We are doing this mystery for a Halloween party and everyone is excited. This is my first murder mystery game as a host and I want to understand and make sure I do this correctly.
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Postby 2coolbaby » October 28th, 2006, 12:38 pm

The royalty are on the Council, but in true form all of the Immortals are allowed to attend, speak their minds and vote. So everyone there will be attending and voting.

All of your other questions are dealt with in individual characters booklets. They know what to do & when to do it in regards to the meeting. This is something that the hosts are not involved in. It won't happen until later in the evening as there is a LOT of backstabbing and politicking to be done before then by many of the characters. The head of the Hidden Council will call the meeting when it is time.
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