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Immortal Characters-questions

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Immortal Characters-questions

Postby reganthespiffy » May 10th, 2007, 5:05 pm

I am having the Immortal Murders party this weekend. I am not the host but I have done much of the pre-party planning and have chosen all the characters (I am participating in the game myself). I only have 8 people attending and have a few questions regarding the characters (the only information I have is from the character guide).

1. Can Professor Jackson's character be switched to a female role?

2. Is it all right if the entire party knows which characters are the marked victims?

3. I have assigned the person playing Gregori the role of Prince Allendro as well, following the instructions in the character guide. I will be Bastet and after reading my character background, I can not help but worry about the logistics of having the two Vampyrs played by the same person. The characters seem to be keeping secrets from one another that play into plots of the game (of course, I have not read any other documents that could either confirm or disprove my worry). Would it be best to assign different people these characters, or is the arrangement I have now all right?

Thank you.
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Postby 2coolbaby » May 10th, 2007, 6:28 pm

Professor Jackson's role cannot be switched to a female. It really would not work to try to change the gender of our characters as they are so ingrained into other characters information. The best you could do would be to have a female play the male character.

It would be better if people at the party did not know the marked victims, but it won't hurt the evening if they do, but it will play better in the beginning if they don't... got all that :lol:

I tell you to assign him the character of Prince Allendro ONLY if you just have the bare minimum of 8 guests. If you have more than 8 attending then it is best to give this character to someone else and assign Gregori's second as a more secondary character. 8 guests are not the ideal number, just the required number of guests to play. Just as it isn't ideal if Gregori plays the Prince later, but it is the best scenario if there are only 8 guests as Prince Allendro really needs to be at the party, at least later.

Hope this clarifies more than it confuses!
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