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Urgent! Kill those Nasty Parasites!

Spyware can destroy your computer. If your computer is sluggish or freezing a lot then you need to get help immediately. If it isn't I still highly recommend you read this to prevent it from happening. I provide several suggestions and links to free software to keep your computer safe and happy!

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Urgent! Kill those Nasty Parasites!

Postby 2coolbaby » November 10th, 2004, 5:53 am

Spyware is becoming a problem of epidemic proportions, infecting millions of computers every day. Unless you have reputable spyware removal software then the chances are very high that you have spyware on your computer. This stuff is nasty. There are different forms that do different things. Some track your surfing habits and report them to advertisers, others actually log your keystrokes, some create massive pop-ups with spam advertising. The list just goes on and on. This stuff will get into areas of your computer that can slow things down or completely lock up your computer. Then there is the security issue. For this reason I felt it to be important to educate my visitors about the dangers of spyware and how to get rid of it.

First let me say that I would NEVER under any circumstances inflict this menace on my customers. I think the people that do this sort of thing are low life bottom feeders.

WARNING: Spyware creators have been quick to develop software that claims to remove spyware but in fact inflicts it on you. These are devious people. You can see a huge list of over 120 producers of fake cleaners here: - This list tells you their names and their devious tactics. If your computer has any of this software on it Remove It Immediately!

Now I am going to provide you with links to some free tools & software to get rid of these nasty parasites and help keep your computer running smoothly.

You really need all of them to stay on top of these things as I have found that each removes different types. You also have to keep the definitions updated. Each has a method to do this. Definitions are updated frequenly by the software creators to attack and destroy new threats that are constantly being developed so this is very important for your protection.

Before I give you these links I would like to ask you to please support the great service that these developers provide. They are on the frontlines fighting to help us for free. It takes a lot of hard work & I encourage you to donate to the sites, even if it is only $1. Show them that we appreciate and support their work.

You can get freeware / donationware programs that are known to be reputable here:

SpyWare Blaster - Published by Javacool Software LLC. Adds industrial strength real time spyware prevention that others make you pay for. Get it here:

SpywareGuard - Also by Javacool. Adds browser hijack detection not found in SpywareBlaster. They recommend that users install both.

AdAware SE - Published by Lavasoft. The free version allows users to clean up their computers. I recommend running this software once a week. ... l&tag=top5

X-Cleaner Free - Published by X-Block. This freeware version is partially crippled but it does neutralize some potential risks the others miss.

Spybot Search & Destroy - Published by Patrick M. Kolla. Performs cleanup and some real time prevention. Another that I suggest running once a week.

Next: If you have Windows XP get the SP2 update ASAP! If you don't have XP I would suggest it strongly as other versions have a lot of holes that are exploited by these devious people. Us Mac people are pretty safe from all of this :D

Service Pack 2, "SP2" for short, is Microsoft's most important release since XP itself. It aims to stop viruses, worms, browser hijackings and worse by including security features that people had to add and adjust on their own. (Users of Windows 2000, Millennium Edition, 98 and 95 will still need to do that, since Microsoft has no plans for a comparable update of those systems.)

The most important part of SP2 is an new firewall program to stop break-ins by network worms such as Blaster. Unlike XP's earlier firewall, this one is turned on automatically and protects every connection on a computer -- even if you already have another firewall active. It also watches what your programs do; if one wants to open its own channel of communication with the Internet, you'll need to approve this action.

You can learn more about and get the update here:

My final suggestion is to get the Google Toolbar. This toolbar installs and has many great features. One of the best features is that it blocks pop-ups. It will create a toolbar in your Internet Explorer Browser. You can search with it, one click fill in forms and more useful features. I suggest this because my experience shows that Google is one of the few big business companies out there that have morals. You can get this toolbar and learn more about it from here:

It is my hope that these suggestions help keep your computer running smoothly and protect you from these bad people & their parasites. If you have any questions feel free to post them here!
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