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Deuces Extras

PostPosted: October 9th, 2007, 12:37 pm
by Hendel
So, just as we did with "Immortals" last year, we can't resist the urge to expand the game a little. We're expecting about forty players, with ten to fifteen kids. The kids are going to be "Weasels" (we're going to suggest that they watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" as source material). Each player will again be issued a limited number of chocolate coins, to be used for hiring or buying off the Weasels. The Weasels need to come up with their own "tough guy" names, and will be given player-style name badges.

We're going to create two types of action cards, ones that the players use themselves, and others that they must hire a Weasel to perform. Weasels cannot be hired to commit a murder - they'll be doing the same kind of mischievous stuff the "Gremlins" did in "Immortals". Switching players' action cards or money, playing "drank too much" cards that require players to do silly things, etc.

We're also creating a special multi-part "Safecracker" action card (probably 3-4 parts, haven't decided yet). If a player, or group of players, manages to collect all of the cards in the set, they can turn them in to the host, and collect the money stored in the Deuces' safe.

We're thinking about a "Forgery" action card, that allows any previously used and destroyed action card (both halves required) to be re-used, and a Seance card to allow dead characters to be interrogated (but not about their own murders).

We've hired a magician who specializes in close-up tricks to run our card table (she's been assigned a character, and we're not telling the players what her night job is). Players will be allowed to gamble with her (we're issuing poker chips as money).

Anyone else creating "add-ons" they'd like to share?

PostPosted: October 9th, 2007, 12:58 pm
by 2coolbaby
Very imaginative Hendel! If you send us your created cards and items, we would be happy to put them into PDF format, upload them to our server and provide a link to them here. I am sure there are many people who would appreciate them.

I encourage people to share their creations here, for all to access. We are happy to help format as needed and provide server space and links to any items users wish to share.