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Murder at the Four Dueces

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Murder at the Four Dueces

Postby PATRICIA JOHNSON » August 30th, 2013, 8:35 am

Oh my gosh! I recently hosted the Murder at the Four Deuces party. I was looking for a unique party to have and boy did I find one. First let me say that I checked all the reviews on murder mystery parties and yours was the "Best". In the beginning I ordered the box set of the game 2nd day delivery. When it didn't arrive, do to the mail system, I phoned Mary and she was so helpful. I was sent the online game so I could deliver the invitations that weekend. I wanted to put the invitation in their mail boxes to make it more exciting for them. Then they were notified by e-mail that a delivery had been made to their home. When we first decided to have the party and our guest list was being made, No-One, I mean, No-One wanted to be left out. I had so many confirmations I had to order the extra character pack. I have never seen people want to get so involved in a party game. My husband works with several of the guest and many of them were using their characters' accents when speaking to one another before the big party. We live in a 3 story house, so I made the downstairs as the poker room, main floor for dinner and entrance, and the upstairs as the brothel. My husband always says I go over the top, but what fun it is to really get in the mood and the game when you feel like you just walked into the grand openning of the Four Deuces.

When guest started arriving and were given their name tags, they couldn't wait to see who they would be interacting with and get the game started. I did have some extra blank name tags because some of the guest lost theirs, (the southern heat I guess). Also, I had printed out the orginal character information delivered to them, since some of them forgot to bring it. It really helped the Host to remember all these new characters. We had about 23 people. We hired a server for the food and a bartender so it would free Madam MeMe up to be able to focus on the guest.
After Big Jim's murder, I passed out the confidentials and we all ate dinner, and boy were their minds working to try to figure out who could have commited the dirty deed. I decided to let people draw out of a hat for the extra murders instead of the scavenger hunt. And by the way everyone wanted to get into the action with all the bribery and murders. One of the guests' started immediately stealing money from the other guest at every chance she got. Also when Big Jim was murdered, she took his money.

The next day, I was getting numerous texts and phone calls still saying that they have "Never" had so much fun at a party and when was the next one. I even recieved a hand written note by mail asking for them to not be left out if we have another one.

We are all getting together for another function and everyone wants to discuss what they didn't find out about each other at the Murder at the Four Deuces. I really believe they will all be telling other people and talking about this party for a long time. I have hosted a lot of parties, but I must say this has been by far the best. So many laughs. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting something out of the ordinary and loads of fun.

I was also surprised and pleased to see all the great costumes worn. Something about men getting to be a Gangster put them over the top for fun. And of course to see the sexy women in the Flapper dresses was great. Some of the guest went to thrift stores and bought vintage things for very reasonable prices.

A note about the food: I thought since it was at 6:30 this would be their dinner for the night, I needed plenty to fill everyone up. Instead everyone was so excited about playing, it would have been just as good to have heavy horderves. Guess that says a lot for the Murder at the Four Deuces game.

For the dinner I served the following foods that were popular in the 20's & Gatsby time: Oysters Rockerfellow ; Deviled Eggs, Gourmet Nuts ; Fig and Prosciutto pizza ; Meat Balls ; Beef & Sausage Lasagna (red sauce) ; Beef & Sausage Lasagna (white sauce) ; Vegetable Lasagna ; Caesar Salad ; Mini Chocolate Cup Cakes ; Lemon Cheese Cake. For drinks, any kind of liquor you would like and of course wine and plenty of Champagne. I also, found a recipe for Champagne shooters online. I bought the small plastic champagne fules from a party store to put them in. The ladies all thought they were very festive.

I have pictures, but will have to get my husband to help me upload them later.

Thank you so much for coming up with such a delightful and entertianing game.

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