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Contest Winner! Immortal Murders - August 2014

Feedback on Immortal Murders Murder Mystery Parties.

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Contest Winner! Immortal Murders - August 2014

Postby anetteo » August 9th, 2014, 3:46 pm

I had never hosted a murder mystery before and I had never participated in one. But reading about it on the Internet sparked my interest. I started reading about it because I really wanted to organize a costume party for my 23th birthday. But what to do when people put on their costumes and come together. Then found a fascinating answer: murder mystery. I was very anxious and excited about the idea. The hardest part was to choose between different companies and different stories. I wanted a horror-themed party, but at the same time I didn’t want it to feel too much like a Halloween party. At the end I chose the Immortal Murders story by, because of the cool characters and compelling storylines. The choice was very difficult, but now I can say, that I couldn’t have chosen better.

I bought the game two weeks before the party, but as I found later, this was quite a crazy endevore for a party of this magnitude. Because I was the host, I couldn’t participate in the story, but from my point of view I can say, that organizing the party was almost as fun as the party itself.

Firstly I asked my friends, if they all can come to my party on the date that seemed to fit the best. Then I put together an overall masterplan, which character would be best for which friend. Those who had given me a certain “yes” for an answer got a main role and those who said “maybe” got a secondary character. But don’t give me wrong even the less important roles had very valuable information, cool backstories and interesting agendas. I also asked who wanted to be which character: a vampire, werewolf, mage, elf or a human watcher. 20 people were invited including me and everybody showed up.

Everybody was very excited and had well thought out costumes. This was probably because of their cool character stories and maybe also because of the effort that I put in the invites - I wanted the envelopes and other paper material to look ancient and scary, so I soaked them in coffee water, dried them with a hairdrier, used fake blood and burnt the edges of the paper. This can be seen on the added pictures below. At first I had to translate some parts of the text into my mother-language (Estonian), because some participants were a bit too young to understand everything perfectly (my little brother aged 9, was the youngest guest), then I couldn’t risk it that some parts of the amazing story would go missing in translation. I translated the game guide, some character stories, the evidence and the solution texts. Because some hiding places that were given in the puzzles weren’t available in the museum, where my party took place, I had to think up some of my clever brainteasers.

I found the music that fitted the occasion from Youtube. It was mainly by author Derek Fiechter, whose songs were perfect for this theme. Some examples:

For decorating the rooms I bought spiderwebs, skull-lamps, candles and other things to create the right atmosphere. I also made some black paper bats and for a leaving present every guest got a cut off marzipan and almond finger. On the drink bottles were written "Spiderpoision", "Cerebrospinalfluid", "Vampjuice" and "cyanidejuice". Every guest got at the beginning of the game 200 Monopoly dollars. The richest player had at the end of the game 850 dollars!

It was great that all the guests were right on time and that everybody was emerged into the story from the start. There were so many eyecathing costumes and before the mystery started everybody was reading some last parts of the story to be ready for the fun. Although only one guest had participated in a similar game before, the game took of almost immediately. Nobody even had time to take a bite from the food table (which was also prepared according to the theme), because everybody was moving around, trying to figure out who knows what, who to trust, making alliances and secret pacts. The spell cards were extremely funny and I saw that people had lots of fun using them. My friends all enjoyed the party very much and I started thinking about organizing another murder mystery party right away before this party even ended, because it was truly awesome.

Some tips:
• In the beginning there should be an introduction round, where the host or the guests themselves round up there character in a few words. This is important, when there are many characters like during it was at my party.
• One shouldn’t hold the hidden council meeting too early, it should probably happen in the middle of the game. Otherwise there isn’t enough time to make secret plans and interact with different characters.
• One shouldn’t be hasty with giving out the murder cards, because then the murders start to happen too soon and then are everybody dead already at the beginning, although they will be assigned new characters.
• One should mostly have snacks at such a party and one should arrange thing so, that the food is taken care of before the party. Even heating up some dishes can take too long.
• When there are many people (e.g. 20) then there could be a standalone person who deals with the foods, beverages and other things, like broken plates, cleaning etc.
• There should also be a person who takes pictures. A few minutes before the start of the mystery my photographer said that he can`t make it to the party, so in addition to being the host gatherer, I had to take photos. Crazy madness, but still lots of fun.
• One should rather concentrate on decorations and costumes than on food. Guest just don`t have time to notice how much effort you have put into the foods.

The emotions and action were captured on the photos and those pictures truly say more than a thousand words. This was a party, which will be remembered by me and my friends for life. I`m just so glad I found such a fantastic party activity and that everybody enjoyed it as much as I did.

I really want to THANK YOU for such an amazing game! I just can`t wait for another reason to celebrate something and organize or participate in another murder mystery game, likely Four deuces.

Here are the pictures:
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