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Easy Fun Murder Mystery Party Games by Dinner and a Murder

Experience an exciting night of Mystery, Blackmail, Intrigue & Treachery!

Boxed Murder Mystery Party Game KitBoxed or downloaded Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games will provide you and your guests with a unique and memorable party experience that you won't find elsewhere. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, fund raiser, social event, theme night, or just getting together with friends; our games provide the perfect ice breaker. Friends and strangers alike will be talking, laughing and scheming like the best of friends in no time. 

There are no scripts to read, with the exception of the Evidence Presentation and the Solution. The interactive mingle format allows more intimacy between your guests. You all become a part of the mystery, instead of feeling like you are just sitting around a table reading cards and playing a game. No dreaded party lulls! Be prepared to discover how cunning and, dare I say devious, your friends REALLY are!

Unlike scripted games, you and your guests are allowed to determine your own fate. How will you handle your enemies? How will you achieve your goals and desires? Your decisions will have consequences! Our parties are not just about solving the murder. You will find that you and your guests will all have their own agendas with skeltons in their closets... possibly even their backyards!

We designed our game kits to be easy for you to play and host; and yes you can host and play a character! The characters are well developed without being complicated. If you are new to hosting or participating in murder mystery games; I suggest reading our forum topic How to Host a Murder Mystery Party Game! It's much easier than you would think with our kits.

There are many other amenities that set our murder mystery party games apart:

  • All is not serious doom & gloom. Your party will have some quirky, fun characters and hilarious situations, that will keep you and your guests thoroughly entertained for 2.5-3 hours including a meal or food of some sort.
  • Do not be surprised if there are more guests 'murdered' during your party with our unique Weapons Card System that adds an optional Clue driven Scavenger Hunt to your party! Don't worry, no guest will ever be left sitting on the sidelines after being murdered!
  • You and your guests will have Game Money so you can buy and sell info, blackmail and scheme all night. One of your guests goals will be to amass the most wealth.
  • We provide toll free telephone customer service. Yes, you can speak to a REAL person for answers. We also provide text support on the weekends during your party! You won't find our level of customer service anywhere else and do you really want to leave your reputation to a company that won't be there for you before and during your event?
  • We have games for 8-50+ guests to suit just about any party size and they do not require an exact number to be able to play. We also have methods to use our games for groups in the hundreds.
  • Every game has its own comprehensive theme page, which will provide you aeverything you need to host the perfect party. Menus, recipes, decorations, costumes, accessories, party supplies, crafts, cakes and much more. Our 1920's and 1950's theme pages are very popular with event planners.
  • We built a system that lets you manage your mystery event online free. We call this our RSVP System. See the third tab over for more details.
  • We built the first and the largest Murder Mystery Forum which covers every topic you might need. Our forum has hundreds of customer posted reviews with pictures.
  • You can win a FREE MURDER MYSTERY GAME by posting a review of your party in our Forum. A winner is selected every month.

Murder Mystery Party Games Boxed or Immediate Download

BOXED: Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games are available in a boxed party kit that comes with absolutely everything you need to host an exciting murder mystery party.

You will have access to the Host Guide, Guest List Worksheet and Character Background Booklets via our RSVP Online Event Management System to get started on your event before you receive your kit!

Boxed Games are shipped USPS within 2 business days! We create your boxes the day after your order and they are picked up the next business day.

DOWNLOAD: Our games are also available by Immediate Download Delivery. This version will be in Adobe Reader PDF format and will contain everything that you would receive in the box kit, but you will print it yourself at your convenience.

Murder Mystery Party Kit Contents

  • Host Guide Booklet - with detailed instructions on how to host your party.
  • Guest List Worksheet - to help you assign characters to guests.
  • Character Booklet's which every guest will receive contains the following:

    • How to Participate in a Murder Mystery Instructions
    • Any information the character may need
    • Character Background
    • Guest List
  • Character Confidential Booklet's - contain secrets, knowledge and things to do.
  • Organizing Guide & Organizing Labels - these will break everything down into easy to use chunks.
  • Weapon Card System - for use in further murders, plus adds a scavenger hunt to the party.
  • Game Money - for all those nefarious schemes.
  • Murder Mystery Party Invitations
  • Whodunit Cards and Worksheet
  • Evidence Presentation
  • Full Size Evidence
  • Name Tags
  • Solution
  • Props, graphics or ebooks to enhance kit, (game dependent).
  • Certificates for:

    • Best Performer - For Oscar deserving performance skills.
    • Best Costume - For using outstanding creative imagination in costuming.
    • Super Sleuth - For using superior wits and detective skills to solve the mystery.
    • Super Villian - For being the most cunning and evil genius at the party!
    • Wealthiest Player - For using cunning, bribery and other nefarious skills to amass the most wealth.

Manage Your Event Online Free with our RSVP System!

  • This is just an option - not a requirement! We provide either digital or printed copies of all these materials in our kits.
  • E-Invites: Send invitations electronically.
  • You and your guests can view your private, personalized and elegant Event Party Page.
  • Guests can R.S.V.P. from your Event Party Page and you are immediately notified.
  • Assign characters to your guests and email them a link to view and print a PDF of their character's background booklet. They can also view them on their smart phone before and the night of the party. Some prefer that to carrying around a paper booklet that could be easily lost.
  • Broadcast messages to your guests that are attending.
  • Reminders are sent 72 hours before the event automatically to all guests.
  • From the Event Page you and your guests can find affordable costumes and have access to all of our helpful theme related information.

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