Announcing the Grand Opening of
The Four Deuces Speakeasy

Don Wannabe and his wife, Madam MeMe, are hosting the event of the season. The Grand Opening of the Four Deuces speakeasy is to take place tomorrow night. It will be an exciting night for all!

An inside source has confirmed that the créme de la créme of "The Family" will be attending this extravagant event. We expect stringent security measures to be in place at such a large event. Orders are that no packing of heat is allowed.

New York Capo, "Toto" Tequila, is rumored to be in town. Could the Boss of Bosses be attending the Grand Opening? Everyone is wondering what occasion would warrant such a visit.

Gangland Slaying:
 Last night around 11:30 PM, a gangland style murder took place under the South Side Bridge.

Among the deceased were:
Jonathan "The Joker"Juiseppi
Harry "The Hammer" Hambini
Sam 'The Squeeze' Senelli

Word on the street is that they were members of The Black Hand Gang. "Big Jim" Ravioli was quoted as saying, "The Family would like to extend their sincere condolences on your tragic loss. It is our hope that other members of this outfit will take the necessary precautions to remain safe."
~ The Gangster Grapevine ~

Don "Big Jim" Ravioli has stated that he has an important announcement to make during the Grand Opening of The Four Deuces.

Rebecca Ravioli has been telling people that she is going to marry Rhett Bumbler. We have our doubts that Big Jim would allow this marriage.

Last week, Don "Big Jim" Ravioli married 19-year-old singer, Carrie Crooner. Big Jim's ex-wife, Vicky, did not seem to grieve much over their divorce. We have heard she received a big divorce settlement and that she now has a secret beau.

 'The Gossip"