Murder at the Four Deuces Guest List

Don Wannabe is Don "Big Jim" Ravioli's Chief Lieutenant. When he met his wife, Madam MeMe, it was love at first sight. They own a chain of houses of ill repute.

Madam MeMe is very successful madam who has been married to Don Wannabe for fifteen years. With their combined head for business, they have amassed a fortune. Tonight, they open their newest venture, The Four Deuces Speakeasy.

Capo "Toto" Tequila is the self-proclaimed Boss of Bosses. He will be visiting us from New York. Speculation is running rampant on why he is coming here tonight. When it involves the Capo, it just has to be something big.

Don "Big Jim" Ravioli is the well-known father of the Chicago mob or "The Family". The Don just recently divorced Vicky, his wife of twenty years, to marry the much younger Carrie Crooner. They have only been married for a week.

Carrie Crooner-Ravioli was a jazz singer in one of Big Jim's clubs when he fell in love with her. He divorced his wife Vickie to marry her. She is attending tonight to do a special performance. People speculate that she only married Big Jim so that she could use his connections to be discovered as the star she is.

Vicky Ravioli is the ex-wife of Don "Big Jim" Ravioli. While she is older than he is, she was still surprised when he demanded a divorce to marry that tart, Carrie Crooner. When the divorce came through on March 20th, Vicky was overheard saying, "I raised my husband from a boy to a man for another woman". She received a $50,000 settlement from the divorce.

Rebecca Ravioli is the daughter of Big Jim and Vicky Ravioli. Rebecca has been telling everyone that she is engaged to marry Rhett Bumbler. Her father refuses to allow the marriage.

Rhett Bumbler is a gambler who blew into town six months ago. No one knows much about him, except that he is not very good at cards or dice. His attempts to cheat are so laughable that most people tend to overlook it. What could Rebecca see in him? Big Jim would never tolerate this buffoon as a son-in-law.

Baroness Ravioli is the mother of Don "Big Jim" Ravioli. Of course, she is not a real Baroness, but being the Don's mother does tend to keep people from saying any different. The Baroness loves to wear tiaras and lord it over anyone she considers 'beneath' her, which happens to be most people.

Inspector Neville "The Nose" Nutella will be attending the function to investigate the murder of the Black Hand Gang two nights ago.

Donna Wannabe is Don Wannabe's little sister. Donna has become quite popular with the movie picture actors. She say she was secretly seeing Big Jim on and off for the last few years. Lately, she has been seen making a play for Rhett Bumbler's attention. Some speculate that she has always been jealous of the attention Big Jim lathered on his daughter, and this is her way of getting back at her.

Al Capone was brought from New York by Don Wannabe to work in his club. While his job title is bouncer, everyone knows that he is really just a hit man for the Family.

U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal - Some say Darrin's rise to fame was a result of his close friendship with Don "Big Jim" Ravioli. He could very possibly become the next President of the United States. You have to wonder how he could hope to become the next president, when it is well known that he has such a close affiliation with a man of Big Jim's reputation.

Sly Sleaze runs the horse race ring for Don "Big Jim" Ravioli. He made an agreement with the new Telegraph Company to be the only person able to receive the live horse race results immediately in the Chicago area. He then sells these results to local bookies for half of their take. In exchange for all his work, the Don gives him 5% of the earnings. Some say he is not happy with this percentage and feels that he deserves a full partnership in the venture. He and Rebecca Ravioli have been good friends for years.

Vanessa Crooner is the mother of Carrie, Don "Big Jim" Ravioli's new wife. She chaperoned Carrie and Big Jim everywhere they went before the marriage. She does not approve of Big Jim. After they were married, she moved into the new house with them just to make sure that Big Jim treats her baby right.

Mary Toosteal is the wife of U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal. Mary is the perfect political wife. Elegant, dignified, and she turns a blind eye to her husband's escapades. She comes from old money and powerful connections.

Mayor "Big Bill" Bumpkin is the Mayor of Chicago. He is friendly and honest, which is why people do not believe the rumor that city funds have been vanishing. He and Don "Big Jim" Ravioli have been good friends for many years.

Cash Steal - No one knows anything about this man. Not why he is here or where he comes from.

Cassandra Steal is the wife of Cash Steal.

Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Guiseppi is Don "Big Jim" Ravioli's accountant.

Guilda Guiseppi is the wife of Jack Guiseppi.