Horizontal Scroll: It’s Time for the Annual Four Deuces New Years Eve Party!

Don Wannabe and his wife, MeMe, are hosting the event of the season. Tomorrow evening their annual New Year's Eve Party is to take place at The Four Deuces. It will surely be an exciting night for all!

An inside source has confirmed that the crème de la crème of The Family will be in attendance at this very extravagant event. We expect stringent security measures to be in place at such a large event.

There were 2 more trucks hi-jacked last evening. The shipments were on their way to The Four Deuces. Don & MeMe Wannabe assure everyone that this will in no way affect the upcoming festivities.

Today police performed a series of raids on many North Side Speakeasies. Over 20 people were arrested in the crackdown.

~ The Gangster Grapevine ~

The newest rumor indicates that Don Wannabe has requested a sit down with the North Side Boss, Weiss Guy. Weiss Guy and Bugs Moron are suspected of being behind the most recent hijackings of Don Wannabe's truck shipments. Obviously, "The Gentleman" Don is trying to avoid what could be a messy war.

Vickie Ravioli-Tequila will be attending this event without her husband, the New York Capo "Toto" Tequila. An inside source told us that Texas Molly will be with her instead. As you all know, Texas was a famous picture show star. At least until Donna Wannabe told all about her, in her successful tell-all book. Texas now owns the exclusive 300 Club in New York.

Carrie-Crooner Capone will be singing at tomorrow night's bash under the watchful eye of her very jealous husband, Al Capone. The rivalry between Carrie and Rebecca Sleaze is well known to all. Rebecca told me in confidence, that she believes Carrie was behind her father's murder. Since the evidence in Rebecca's trial disappeared, I guess we will never know the truth.

This should really be an exciting night. I will be standing far, far away on the sidelines to bring you the stories that are sure to develop at this spectacular event!                       

 'The Gossip"