Murder at the Four Deuces 2 Guest List

Don Wannabe is Chicago's Boss. Referred to as "The Gentleman", Don took over the family operations after the unfortunate demise of Don "Big Jim" Ravioli in 1920. He is a very even-tempered boss, who knows how to keep the peace and take care of his people. He is well liked among his peers, which is very unusual in a Don.

MeMe Wannabe is married to Don Wannabe. With their combined head for business, the two have managed to amass a fortune. Tonight they host their annual New Year's Eve Party at their elite Four Deuces club. MeMe is the ultimate gracious hostess.

Al Capone is Don Wannabe's Chief Lieutenant. Don Wannabe brought him to New York to become the bouncer for his new club. After the former Don's demise, he became second in command to the new Boss, Don Wannabe. Within three months, he also married Don Ravioli's widow, Carrie Crooner.

Carrie Crooner-Capone is Don "Big Jim" Ravioli's widow. She married Al Capone within three months of her husband's death. She is now the headline jazz singer for the Four Deuces club. Don Wannabe pays her extremely well they say.

U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal lost his presidential bid, when it became known that he was a close associate of the slain Don Ravioli. His wife, Mary, divorced him shortly afterwards to marry Mayor "Big Bill" Bumpkin. He in turn married Baroness Ravioli after his divorce was final. He is now in a political race against Big Bill Bumpkin to hold his Congressional seat.

Baroness Ravioli-Toosteal is mother of the deceased Don, "Big Jim" Ravioli's. The Baroness still loves to wear tiaras and lord it over anyone she considers beneath her. She married the Congressman shortly after his divorce. Don Wannabe took good care of her until her marriage.

Vicky Ravioli-Tequila is ex-wife to the slain Don Ravioli. It surprised everyone when she eloped with the New York Capo, "Toto" Tequila, right after the death of her ex-husband. She is attending tonight with her friend, Texas Molly, to see her daughter Rebecca, and to represent her husband's New York interests in the Chicago business.

Weiss Guy is the Boss of the North Side Irish Mob. Weiss Guy, was invited by Don Wannabe to discuss some issues that seem to be causing friction between the two. It might have something to do with hijacked trucks, but you didn't hear that from me!

Bugs Moron is Chief Lieutenant to Weiss Guy. He will be attending to watch his boss's back. It is also rumored that he may be the one behind the current friction between the North and East side. He has been heard making very inappropriate remarks about our proud Italian heritage.

Rebecca Sleaze is the daughter of Vicky and the slain Big Jim Ravioli. She was arrested for her father's murder. After her mother, Vicky, married the New York Capo, the murder charges against her were dropped. It seems that all evidence in the case disappeared. She is still married to Sly Sleaze.

Inspector Neville "The Nose" Nutella will be attending the function to keep the peace. He is known to be a close associate of Don Wannabe's.

Texas Molly is the owner of a Speakeasy in New York called the 300 Club. From Waco Texas, this feisty gal is the pistol-packing, barrel riding Queen of the West. She portrayed the first cowgirl in the movie "The Wildkat".

Mary Bumpkin is the wife of Mayor "Big Bill" Bumpkin. Mary is still the perfect political wife. She comes from old money and powerful connections. Since divorcing U.S. Congressman, Darrin Toosteal, it is said that her new marriage is a very happy one.

Mayor "Big Bill" Bumpkin is the Mayor of Chicago. Bill married Mary Toosteal after her divorce. They still appear happy. The Mayor is a very good friend to Don Wannabe and is now running against Congressman Toosteal for his Congressional seat.

Rhett Bumbler is a local gambler that is not very good at cards or dice. His attempts to cheat are so laughable, that most people tend to overlook it. No one is sure where his loyalties lay, or if he even has any. He has been seeing Donna Wannabe the past year.

Donna Wannabe is Don Wannabe's little sister. Donna is now dating Rhett Bumbler. This very determined woman chased Rhett for three years, before catching him. She wrote a tell-all book on the inside look at film stars. While it is very successful, she is no longer welcome in Hollywood.

Sly Sleaze handles the horse race results for Don Wannabe. He has an agreement with the Telegraph Company to be the only person able to receive the live horse race results immediately in the Chicago area. He sells these results to local bookies for half of their take. He is married to Rebecca Ravioli-Sleaze. With her family connections, he has grown his business to New York.

Vanessa Crooner is the mother of Carrie Crooner-Capone. It is widely known that Vanessa doesn't think Al is any better for her sweet little girl, then her last husband, the deceased Don "Big Jim" Ravioli. Vanessa and Guilda Guiseppi are inseparable friends.

Cash Steal is attending as Vanessa Crooner's escort. He rents a room from her. Vanessa claims he is a very good handyman to have around.

Guilda Guiseppi is a "maybe" widow. Her husband, Jack Guiseppi, went missing the day after Don Ravioli was murdered. Vanessa Crooner is her best friend.

Mama Barker has four sons that run errands for Don Wannabe. The Don sees a lot of promise in the boys and likes Momma for her dedicated loyalty to her boys.