The Immortal News

It is again time for the Hidden Council's Annual Costume Ball. Everyone is very excited. Recently, there have been several Mortal Watchers murdered. As we all know, the Watcher's are very important to the Immortals. They stand between us, and the discovery of our existence by the mortal world. The Watchers ensured all tales of the Immortals became Fairy Tales or Mythology. We all know that if the mortals were to discover our existence, there would be widespread panic and "Witch Hunts". We must discover who is threatening our existence and put an end to it. A Spectral Inquisitor will be attending, to help us discover who is behind these murders. Those that cannot attend will receive a personal visit from the Inquisitor for interrogation. We think most would prefer to handle this meeting with a crowd around!

We have been informed that the Watcher, Professor Jackson, has just invented a sunscreen that will allow the Vampyr to be out in sunlight for short periods. We are sure the Vampyr are thrilled by this discovery.

It was the Professor's father who found the cure for the Were's severe allergy to silver, and his grandfather invented Vamp Juice, a blood substitute that has most of the nutrients of human blood. Vampyr can survive for a week on this juice before they need only a small amount of human sustenance. They no longer have to take lives to survive. We are very grateful to Professor Jackson and his ancestors.

The Immortal Grapevine – by "The Gossip"

We all have to wonder if we will see a repeat of last year's brawl between Nineve and Morganna. They had an altercation and were escorted from the ball. Here is the story, for the few who might not know: Merlin, who is Morganna's husband, and Nineve, fell in love centuries ago. In a desperate act, Nineve lulled Merlin to sleep, carried him off, and kept him prisoner in a cave under her lake. When Lancelot, Merlin and Morganna's eldest son, became old enough, he stormed the cave. He carried with him Excalibur, a spelled sword that he had created. He was able to breach Nineve's spells and rescue his father. Lancelot died mysteriously two years later. The Inquisitor determined that no spells had been used in his death, and the Professor's ancestor ruled out poison. By custom, Lancelot's fiancé, Guinevere, was forced to marry his younger brother, Arthur. This leaves Arthur as the Heir Apparent. We all wish Morganna a very long, long existence! Morganna was a wise ruler during Merlin's absence.