A Killer Reunion Guest List

Jenny & Johnny: Then: Jenny and Johnny were our Prom King and Queen. Jenny was the head cheerleader. She was at every game cheering Johnny on to the National Championship, where he broke the quarterback record for most yards passed in a game. He received a National Championship ring that he wears proudly to this day. Now: Johnny went into local politics as soon as he graduated college. He is now Mayor of our great town. They say he might be our next Governor!

Mary & Michael: Then: Mary and Michael where Jenny and Johnny's best friends. All through school, they were constantly fighting. It took everyone by surprise when they eloped and were married the day after graduation. Before this, Michael had been going steady with Maria. Now: Mary and Michael are still fighting. They were even separated for a few months. Michael owns a shopping center in the same spot as the two factories owned by Steven's father, Jacob. Jacob took his own life after a corporate takeover by Michael two years ago. Mary is so sweet natured that it always amazes us when we see them argue.

Maria & Mark: Then: Mark came from the wrong side of the tracks. Maria had doting, successful parents. They ran in different crowds. We weren't even aware that they knew each other until they showed up at graduation holding hands. Now: Maria and Mark are the typical family. They have two kids and a dog. By all reports, they are still happily married. Mark is a successful horror writer. He does a lot of traveling to research his books. As you know, his twin sister, Marilyn, died for a fall down some stairs at our graduation party. It was rumored that she was in the family way at the time.

Susan & Steven: Then: Susan and Steven were the couple voted most likely to succeed. They were both intelligent with parents that were very well off. Susan's father came from old money and Steven's owned the two biggest factories in town. Now: Susan and Steven have six kids! They live in the mansion on the hill that has twelve bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Linda & Lenny: Then:  Linda and Lenny were voted as the couple most likely to follow in the footsteps of Bonnie and Clyde. They were in a band together. Now: Linda and Lenny surprised us all when they left college and formed a rock and roll band that had numerous number one hits. They have a new album about to be released.

Carol & Charles: Then: Charles was a quarterback for our rival team the Razorbacks and Carol took pre-law courses. They met senior year at the National Championships when Charles was on the sidelines do to a car accident. Now: Carol and Charles are quite happily married. They are both Detectives who are investigating David's murder.

Becky & Bobby: Then: Becky and Bobby where high school sweethearts and married only a short while after graduating. Now: Becky works in a flower shop and Bobby owns a small heating and air-conditioning company. Becky and Bobby are happily married to this day.

Nancy & Nate: Nancy and Nate were not in our class and no one knows anything about this pair or why they are here.

Paula & Peter: Then: As you know, Peter was the Principal of our school when we attended and Paula was a Science Teacher. Now: Paula is the long-standing head of the science faculty of the school and Peter retired shortly after his heart attack.

Tisha & Thomas: Then: Thomas graduated a year after our class and is the son of our former principal and his wife, Peter and Paula. Now: Thomas and Tisha are happily married. Tisha is a first-grade teacher and Thomas is half owner of the local Furniture Store. They will be attending our reunion per Michael's request.