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Makeup Steps for a Twenties Flapper Look

This is a fantastic tutorial with video to help you pull off that perfect twenties flapper makeup for your great gatsby theme party! Below the video is a step-by-step makeup tutorial, along with affordable makeup suggestions to accomplish this look.

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1. Cleanse & Moisturize

  • Get that fresh dewy look that was so famous for flappers by using a good moisturizing cleanser or cleanse and moisturize.

2. Foundation

  • Pale peaches and light cream shades were popular at this time. Don't forget to apply it to the lips!

3A. Eyebrows

  • Use a good concealer to hide the thickness of your brows. This will allow you to get the thinner eyebrow look that was so popular with 1920s Flappers.

3B. Eyebrows

  • Darken brows as thin and long as possible, with a downward swoop on the end. Dark Eyebrows were in style in the 20s. Even blondes.

  • I love this pencil. It's moist and you can more easily control your line and look. Just because they had to melt pencils and burn their eyebrows back then doesn't mean we have to suffer to create the same look!

4B. Eye Shadow

  1. Use a white highlighter color for the brow bone.

  2. Use a pale peach type of color for blending between the black lid and the highlighted brow bone.

  3. Use a warm brown shade in the crease.

I love this set as it gives you all the colors you need and a set of brushes to accomplish all of this for under $10!

4C. Eye Shadow

  • This glitter primer is fantastic. I really do like Nyx products. It's not a requirement, but it will make the overall look pop.

4D. Eye Shadow

  1. This eyeshadow color palette will cover both the dark blue green and the blue gray colors in the video.

  2. Use makeup remover wipe to remove any stray shadow.

  3. The burnt red in the next step is in the previous pallette. These two palettes should cover everything to get the smoky eye look.

5. Concealer

  • Use the Elf Concealer from step 3A here to clean things up and give you good coverage. Or use your own if you have a light color.

6. Powder

  • I LOVE this powder and wear it regularly.

7. Inner Eye Highlights

  • You can choose a light color from the 35 color eyeshadow palette.

8. Eye Liner

  • I would use the previous L'Oreal Liner, then using a brush, grab the same dark blue green you used on the lid and create a smokey line under the eye and blend it. Then add and lightly blend the burnt red from previous step under this.

9. Eyelashes

  • Curl your lashes, and apply false lashes for a dramatic look. Keep them bold but not too fake looking.

10. Light Bronzer

  • You can use a light bronzer to add color or not if you want to retain the flawless pale look. Just go barely there if you use it.

11. Blush

  • Flappers used earthy / peachy colors and applied it as a round motion on the apple of the cheeks.

12. Lip Liner

  • You want to make sure that you have concealed your lips and then line them in this so awesome lip liner. You really can't beat it for the price. Flappers liked their lips to be dramatic and eye catching. Follow the video to create a Cupid's Bow lip that was so popular at the time. Fill in with the liner.

13. Lipstick

Here are 2 great lipsticks in this deep burgundy color.

  1. I actually love the color of this one and you can't beat the under a $1 price of the Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick| Hydrating Lip Color| Rich Buildable Color| Black Orchid Red

  2. It shouldn't surprise you to see another Nyx product here. This lipstick is still under $8, so not bad at all for a quality lipstick. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Shout Loud Satin Lipstick, Infused With Shea Butter - Opinionated

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