It's a Murder Mystery Party and you are invited!

Murder most foul is about to be committed. The villain will be one of us. Who can you trust? You will all have skeletons in your closet... some quite literally. Prepare yourself to be immersed in an evening of treachery, intrigue, backstabbing and laugh out loud fun. Come join us... if you Dare!!!!

Murder Mystery Party Details

Murder at the Four DeucesMurder At The Four Deuces is a rip roaring, 1920's gangster murder mystery party game, with lots of murder, bribery and back stabbing to be had.

This game is loosely based on some of the very first Chicago and New York Gangsters, their rivalries, speakeasies and love lives. Al Capone was just moving up in the "Family".


Christian 20s Murder Mystery Event!


Harris's Hours



Doug and Aarika Harris


10 - 30 - 2010


5:00 PM

Special Instructions:

Please arrive at 5pm dressed in your character's costume and bring a dish to share. We will have several courses between rounds of the game.

Murder at the Four Deuces Mystery Party Details

It's 1920 and the American economy is booming. Employment is high, new inventions and mass production have improved people's standard of living, and life, for many, is good. Prohibition had been created with the intention of providing a healthier, happier, safer, and more efficient America. These are the jazz years, with new music and dances, new and daring fashions, and loosening of sexual inhibitions, it is a time of hedonistic pleasure for many.

Don Wannabe is hosting a grand opening celebration for his new speakeasy The Four Deuces and you are invited to attend. The Four Deuces is a lavish joint serving booze and music in the front. In the back is the gambling hall and upstairs is a very high class and exclusive brothel. The cream and not so cream of society will be here. With gangsters, hit men, politicians, opera singers, molls and many other interesting guests in attendance there are sure to be a lot of big deals being made here tonight.

R.S.V.P. : Accept Or Decline This Invitation

Please respond A.S.A.P. to confirm or decline your invitation. If you check the box next to Accept Invitation, you are confirming that you will be attending and as such will be assigned a character in the mystery. Do not check the box to decline.

If you accept, then please make sure you will be able to attend AND stay until the mystery is solved. Your character might well be a key factor to solving the murder. If you don't show at the last minute or leave early you could very well ruin the party for everyone.

Please RSVP even if you will not be attending...

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Confirmed Guests and their Comments

Aarika HarrisI'll be there!
Zach ScullyBoo!
Doug HarrisSee, see, see!
Phillip Martin
Mindy Colvin
C.J. Marks
Jon Buckner
Anna ChristensenWoo hoo! Might bring back the fake eyelashes for this one!
Brittinay Staller
Douglas Yaw
Julia Yaw:)
David SorensenIt wasn't me! It was the one-armed man!
sarah ellisI may be 5 or so mins late as I'm coming right after work. I hope that's ok.
Peter GoodallSee you after the Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive "Fear the Scully"
Lu GaoI am excited!!!!!!!!!! Do you want some Chinese food? :)
Britney Popp
Matt Szeto
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1 11
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