A note if you are buying costumes for our Immortal Murder Mystery Game. You DO NOT have to dress as the Immortal race you are assigned to. This takes place at a Costume Ball to allow for your own individual creative costuming!

Fairy CostumesFairy Costumes & Accessories - Oodles of Fairy Costumes. Everything from cute adorable kids fairies to Adult Sexy Fairy Costumes.  Whether a mischievous fairy or a woodland nymph these are sure to meet your needs.

Includes accessories like wands and some fabulous wings.

These make great costumes for our Fae Court. Queen Titania and her consort King Oberon rule the Fae Court. They will surely appreciate any costume the Fae choose to wear.

Do It Yourself Costume Ideas and Instructions

Make your own Fairy Wings - For those creative fairies out there!

Another Fairy Wing Making Tutorial

Make a Fairy Headband, Wand and Wings - While this shows making it for a young girl, it obviously would make wonderful & elegant pieces for an adult too.

Make Gothic Bat Wings - This is a new take on the fairy wings!

Use temporary tatoos on the face to create a really magical look. Think moon, stars, glitter and more down one side of the face and neck.


Vampire CostumesVampire Costumes & Accessories - Walk the night in a beautiful and/or spine tingling costume. Be a gothic vampire or a sexy vampiress. In one of these costumes you are sure to be allowed to nuzzle necks all night!

Includes a full line of accessories including fangs, makeup & fake blood... a necessity for any murder mystery party!

Do It Yourself Costume Ideas and Instructions

Fingerless Gloves & Net Shirts - A classic Goth outfit.

Long Black Veil
- Add an air of mystery to any costume.

Big Floofy Net Skirt - This skirt can be made without a sewing machine. It will take some time and patience, but it's really not very difficult to make.

Tattered Tank Dress
- The ultimate in Goth wear. Pretty easy to make.

Long Vest - This would add elegance to any male vampire costume. Layer it over this Poet Shirt for a complete costume.

Goth Hair Accessories
- These DIY gothic hair accessories are easy yet striking!

Create a Parasol from an umbrella

Goth Makeup Tips

Makeup tips for the Classic Vampire look
by Bloody Mary


Egyptian Costumes and AccessoriesEgyptian Costumes & Accessories - Walk like an Egyptian in one of these sultry costumes. Egyptian Queens to mighty Pharaohs straight from the Nile.

Includes headdresses, masks, armbands and more accessories.

These are great costumes for our Were-creatures that were worshipped as Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.


Medieval CostumesMedieval & Renaissance Costumes & Accessories - Camelot comes alive. King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. Magical costumes that harken back to times when honor and valor won the day!

These costumes work well for our Mage Court in The Immortal Murders. They were the true Camelot!

Do It Yourself Costume Ideas and Instructions

Make a Circle Cloak - This cloak can be with or without the hood.