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A roaring 20's gangster murder mystery that takes place at the Four Deuces speakeasy. 10 Player or 12-20 Player Versions available in Teen and Mature.

This is the sequel to our very popular Murder at the Four Deuces gangster game.

A Clean Romantic murder mystery suitable for very conservative groups. A 1950's theme that takes place at a Class reunion. 12-32 Player & 10 Player Versions.

A romantic murder mystery with a Class Reunion theme. You can use any year or decade theme for this game. 3 versions: 12-32 Players in Spicy or Clean & a Clean 10 Player.

A contemporary murder mystery that takes place at the Christmas Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat & Steal. 8 Player & 10-15 Player Versions.

Mystery Games for kids of all ages. Spy Kids, Harry Potter, Survivor, Detective & Medieval Madness!

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Roaring 20's

The Fifties


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just wanted to thank you for providing this service. We hosted the roaring twenties murder mystery New Years Eve. Everyone came dressed and in character and stayed that way all evening. We had 24 people in all. It was a blast and is definately the talk of the neighborhood.

I am attaching one of our may pictures.

Karens Party

Thank you again, Karen

Happy New Year!. Just wanted to say that the party was excellent!! All the guests turned up in full costume (which I was slightly nervous about as us Brits can be slightly introvert) The guy who played Big Jim was hilarious....he really hammed it up! Everyone had a fantastic time and a real giggle! Donna E.

Hello Mary,

Just thought I would let you know that our murder mystery evening on New Years Eve was a great sucess and everyone enjoyed the change to the convential New Years Eve parties. I have attached a couple of photographs which capture some of the enthusiasm of the evening.

murder mystery party

Hi Mary........I thought you might enjoy a few photos of our evening of deceit, treachery and murder! We opened The Four Deuces with 15 guests all dressed to the hilt and ready to play. All learned their parts and were eager to ask the necessary questions and solve the murder. We almost couldn't award the certificate for Best Actor as we had many "Academy Award" recipients!! We decorated the house as much like a Speak Easy as possible for Mobile, Alabama and served Chicken and Eggplant Parmisan to try and stay with the Chicago/New York Mob theme. Carrie Crooner-Ravioli even entertained us with a few songs. We had an evening of many laughs and would recommend your game to anyone. Several guests asked how to get to your website so you may have more customers! Thank you again and we look forward to playing another of your murder mystery games!
Sincerely,Leslie & Tim McGuire aka Don & MeMe Wannabe.

I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful evening! I am the First Vice President for the OSC (Officer's Spouses Club) at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, WY. I am in charge of organizing a monthly function. I chose your game for the October 2003 function. Normally, there are approximately 40 spouses who attend. I was very nervous planning the murder mystery for such a large group.

Your party site, that I purchased, helped me organize and send out invitations. All I had to do was type in the e-mail addresses, and you did the rest. I could not believe how easy you made it! My friend Bonnie helped me with the nametags. We scanned Four Deuces in a fan pattern and copied them to the labels. We used Gothic script for the names. They looked fabulous!

I utilized the Officer's Club on Base for the speakeasy. It worked wonderfully, because we used the ballroom with the chandeliers, the dance floor, the gaming tables, and the dining tables. The Club already had the gaming felts. To make it more authentic, I made two wooden frames for the craps tables and covered them with foam and vinyl. They were impressive.

When I arrived and walked into the ballroom, I almost cried when I saw all of the spouses dressed in their costumes. 38 people were present and only 2 were unable to attend. All of th spouses costumes were amazing! Some of the women dressed as men to play the various roles, and they looked very handsome with their penciled-in mustaches and goatees.

After I made the hosting announcements, the games were on! Everyone stayed in character all evening. XXXXXX was quite the gameswoman - she bought the marriage certificate from Madame MeMe, then murdered her husband. We had 2 Super Sleuths that guessed the murderer. We had a total of 3 murders. Don Wannabe knocked off the Mayor after the Mayor threatened to expose Don's shady business dealings.

At the end of the evening, 7 new members joined our organization - attributable in no small part to the success of your murder mystery. Spouses were talking about the game for the next few days discussing who was extorting who and who was having an affair with whom. Spouses were trying to learn all of the nasty little secrets.

Even with all of your help and assistance, I was still nervous about how the murder mystery would turn out with my organization. I should not have worried, because your game was truly a hit! I will recommend your game to anyone else who is planning a function or get-together.

Thank you again for all of your assistance and for such a pleasurable experience. Sincerely, Paula H.

The murder went over really well.  I ordered the vest from the costume link you offer, and wore a bloody shirt under it.  I had the whole house hooked up on Christmas lights, and had my brother kill the lights from a surge protector.  I popped a small New years popper and ripped the vest off.  It was great!

It worked well for me not to be Don, because once I was dead, I tended to the food and blackjack dealing.  We had 20's music playing the whole time, and had the whole place set up like a club.  There were little tables with white cloths on them, and candles.  We also had a pool table and all the alcohol wrapped in craft paper with an X on them.  The pictures don't show everything, and there is so much more to tell... but it was definitely great.  Thanks for the excellent game!! Josh W

Mary, My fiancee and I hosted Murder at the Four Deuces in early November.  It was amazing!!!
We used your suggestion (on the website) and did a black and white theme.  We had a black tablecloth with white chairs, a silver centerpice with silver confetti sprinkled on the table.  I cooked a 5 course meal.
When the guests arrived each was given a welcome glass of champagne.  We also had a bar with of course martinis.  We had a gambling table on our balcony and even a door to the "brothel" upstairs.
Eveyone did an amazing job with their costumes!  We gave out gift certificates as the prizes.
I was a little worried about everyone staying in character, but everyone did a great job!  In fact, the husbands and wives for the most part didn't even speak!  (we really mixed up the couples in order to force people to circulate)  Don Wannabe committed 3 murders!!!  It was great.  Everyone is still talking about what a great time they had and we are thinking of doing another one.
Thank you again for an amazing party!

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