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Murder at the Four Deuces 2 - Extra Character Packet #1

Murder at the Four Deuces 2 - Extra Character Packet #1
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Dinner and a Murder Character Packets are designed to easily add new characters to your event. These will not be main suspects, but they will bring an added dimension to your party as each character is very colorful. These extra characters will not realize that they are extra characters. This is really the best extra character packet for the game, as these characters are written into the plot, so they are a little more than just extras. Plus you get a bartender character to help at your party! This packet is to be used with our Murder at the Four Deuces 2 game only. NOT the original 4 Deuces!

Penny Cheatum – A high profile attorney who specializes in ‘Family’ Law.

Penny_Cheatum_cards.pdf file and give to the guest playing this character as they arrive at the party.

Henry Hooch – Henry is beginning to develop a name for himself. They say he makes some of the best hooch available this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Serina Siren – Serina and her brother comes from Italy. Her father Guido disappeared after rumors that he was plotting his boss’s demise. The Sicily Family thought it would be best for the Siren children to see America. Serina is known to be a very modern woman who has the brains and looks to get what she wants.

Hobart T. King – Hobart made the film On the Wagon. It was supposed to be a western, but the few that saw it, said it was a disaster. We have heard that he is here scouting for talent and investors for this new romantic film.

Glenna Glib – Glenna was voted “Most Talkative Person” every year in college. I don’t’ think any more than that needs to be said. If you have further questions Glenna will be happy to regale you for hours with the answers.

Tom Hops – The suave, talented and friendly Four Deuces bartender.

Scoop Jennings – Scoop is an up and coming reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. Assign this character to a Female Guest!

Sam Siren – Brother to Serina and son of the deceased Guido Siren. Samuel is looking to join a new family. They say he is very talented, but can he be trusted?

Color Pencille – An up and coming artist. She comes from a creative family who were scandalized when her mother chose to marry a lawyer! It was simply shocking… a lawyer with no artistic interest whatsoever!

R.K. Oswald – Owner of W4DR Radio Station. His station is one of the most listened to in Chicago. He also hosts a talk show.