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The Immortal Murders - C  - Download
Murder Mystery Party Game 

It is time for the Hidden Councils Annual Costume Ball. This is the social event of the year. The Royalty of the Mage Guild, Were Clans, Vampyr Houses, and Fae Court will be in attendance. As always, when the Immortal Court gathers, you can expect political intrigue, barbed innuendos, backstabbing, and betrayal. So the same as any other day among royalty.

It is whispered that there will be a special meeting of the Hidden Council at this year's annual Costume Ball to address the recent Watcher murders. Watchers are important to the Immortals and help keep their existence hidden from humanity. The Immortals, in turn, have sworn to protect the Watchers for their service.

We think you will be really pleased with the activities we have added to this unusual game! In this game, there are 5 Artifact Weapon Cards. There will be a short scavenger hunt, with puzzles and clues, to locate these weapons. They can only be used once, and no one can commit murder without a weapon card. These will be very valuable commodities. You will also have 20 Spell Cards. Each guest gets to draw one from a hat. 10 spell cards are helpful game-wise, and the other 10 are funny spells that will provide a lot of entertainment.

For 8-20 Guests - with a minimum of 8 guests required and a max of 20, or up to 30 with our optional Extra Character Packet.

The Immortal Murders Artwork

Written by Mary Lee

Artwork by Darryl Taylor

Free Preview of The Immortal Murders

View our Free Game Preview to understand better how our games work. Links will load a flip book of the booklet! The Sample Character Booklets are not in-game characters, so they won't reveal anything in the likely event you are playing. In a pinch, they can be used though.


  • Immortal Murders Host Guide - Explains how our games run, how to host them, and a step-by-step for the event.

  • Immortal Murders Sample Character Background Booklet - This will instruct your guests on how to play the game and what they can expect. It also gives them their assigned character's background information and other suggestions or instructions they may need.

  • Immortal Murders Sample Confidential Booklet - these are not given out until after the murder and will tell your guests what secrets they have, what they know about others, and what they may need to say or do. 

  • IMPORTANT: After purchase, you will receive a follow-up email with info to access the Character Backgrounds for your game so you can email these to your guests along with the Host Guide and Guest List Worksheet to assign characters.  If you do not get it, check your junk folder. If you still have not received it, then please reply to your receipt and let me know, and I will get it to you. Also, email us if you purchase an extra character packet and need those straight-format background booklets to email.

  • Character Background Booklets which contain:

    • Guest List

    • How to Participate in a Murder Mystery Instructions

    • Character Background

    • Any information the character may need.

  • Character Confidential Booklets - Contain Secrets, Knowledge, and Things to Do.

  • Host Guide Booklet - This includes a Step By Step

  • Organizing Guide and Organizing Labels

  • Guest List Worksheet (to assign characters to guests).

  • Weapon, Spell Cards, & Action Card System (There is an optional weapon card scavenger hunt. We will provide the link to that in the materials you receive).

  • Nametags

  • Full-Size Evidence

  • Evidence Presentation

  • Game Money (for all those nefarious schemes).

  • Whodunit Cards and Worksheet

  • Graphics or flyers to display.

  • Solution

  • Certificates for:

Best Performer - For Oscar-deserving performance skills.

Dressed to Kill - For using outstanding creative imagination in costuming.

Super Sleuth - For using superior wits and detective skills to solve the mystery.

Super Villain - For being the sneakiest and most backstabbing player in the game.

Wealthiest Player - For using cunning, bribery, and other nefarious skills to amass the most wealth.


The Immortal Murders Clean rating breakdown:​​

  • The murder takes place at the party.

  • There are a couple of flirtations, but the host guide tells you how to match up couples so that no one will be offended by this facet of the game.

    Please Note: One character is a womanizer and thinks himself irresistible. We tell you which character this is and we advise real conservative groups to not assign him to a guest. So if you are a real conservative group, there will only be 19 usable characters in this game.


Fae Court

  • Queen Tatiana is a beautiful, sweet, loyal, and loving Wind Fairy. She is strong, nurturing, and protective. Tatiana loves her family above all else.

  • King Oberon is an Earth Fairy and lives to love his wife, the Queen. He is also a very strong ruler.

  • Nineve is a Lake Fairy; you might know her from the Arthurian Legend as the Lady of the Lake. She and the Mage Merlin have a love/hate relationship that has endured for ages.

  • Puck a Fire Fairy is a prankster. It is a very good idea to watch your back around him. He is quite jovial, and at first glance, you would think him harmless, but in the way of the Fae, some of his pranks can be embarrassing or worse.

Mage Guild

  • Merlin is married to Morganna, who bore him two sons. He spent many years as the unwilling ‘Guest’ of Nineve. His son, Lancelot, eventually rescued him. Merlin is known to be a little shallow and self-centered. Okay, maybe more than a little.

  • Morganna is Merlin’s wife. When Merlin was missing, she spent the years of Merlin’s absence ruling with a fair hand and changing the world with her good works.

  • Guinevere is the mage healer. She was betrothed to Lancelot, but upon his death, by custom, she had to marry his brother, Arthur. Poor Guinevere, this is where history really got things wrong. Arthur is a bumbling accident on legs.

  • Arthur is the last surviving son of Merlin and Morganna. He is very happy to have acquired Guinevere as his wife. He displays her like the trophy she is.

The Vampyr House

  • Prince Allendro is the current ruler, and they say he is now looking for a mate. To prevent madness, a Vampyr must take a life mate before he gets too old.

  • Cynthia is the mortal Scion of Prince Allendro. Through her, his powers are stronger. She has sworn her loyalty to him and his family.

  • Natasha has her sights set on becoming the Prince’s mate. We have no doubt she will try to use the Prince’s pressing need for a mate to attain her goal.

  • Gregori grew up as Prince Allendro’s best friend. That friendship ended when the Prince took Cynthia as his Scion. It was expected that Gregori and Cynthia would become mates. As the Prince’s Scion, Cynthia is denied a mate.

Were Clan

  • Bastet has ruled the Were Clans for ages. In recent years, people have begun to doubt her mental stability. She was once a good and kind ruler, but lately, she has been making cruel demands and decisions affecting the Were Clans adversely. She was once worshiped as a god in Egypt.

  • Anubis has loyally served the Royal Family as Guardian and Protector.

  • Isis is the mother of Anubis. We have heard that she is unhappy with Bastet and her strange and demanding behavior.

  • Seth started a war almost 2,000 years ago in an attempt to take over as Were Ruler. As a result, he was entombed for 1,000 years and has been a slave to Bastet since his release. Bastet now treats him like a pet.

The Mortal Watchers

  • Ellora is kind and wise beyond her years. Ellora oversees the task of transcribing the Watcher’s ancient records into computers for preservation.

  • Jackson is the full of himself professor who studies the Immortals.

  • Kieran is a sweet girl. She loves books and history. They say she has some magical abilities. Some whisper that her father was one of the Mage Clan, who came to Kieran’s mother in the dark of the night.

  • Jason is the young rebel watcher. He is good at his job but believes in living life to the fullest. Jason is more subdued these days as his twin sister, Jennifer, was one of the victims in the recent rash of murders.

  • Christy is the newest watcher brought in Merlin, who is in charge of recruiting new mortal watchers again. Christy is quite the looker but doesn’t seem terribly bright. People are saying that it is very obvious what he saw in her.


  • The Inquisitor will be here to investigate the recent Watcher Murders. These spectral beings make even the Immortal with nothing to hide very nervous. Immortals who die become spectral beings until their murderer dies.


This packet is to be used with our Immortal Murders game only.

Fae Court

  • Bounty is an Air Fairy and is also the Hidden Councils Bounty Hunter and Assassin when needed. People tend to get nervous when she shows up.

  • Cinder is a fire Fairy and the oldest known Immortal. He is the Captain of the Royal Guard and a member of the Hidden Council. He is one of King Oberon’s closest friends. He was also a friend to the king’s brother Boreus.

Mage Guild

  • Gaiwen is married to Morgan Le Fay. Before the marriage, he and Merlin were good friends. Merlin and Gaiwen were caught bringing mortals hidden in costumes to the annual costume ball, which is now simply referred to as the ‘Mortal Affair’. After that embarrassment, Gaiwen chose to leave the court.

  • Morgan Le Fay is Merlin and Morganna’s daughter and sister to Arthur. She disowned the entire family years ago. She has recently married the mage Gaiwen. Poor Gaiwen.

Vampyr House

  • Henrik is a Vampyr Catcher. His job is to locate and acquire missing, rogue, or unknown Vampyr and return them to the Royal Vampyr House to deal with. Henrik had a secret crush on Guinevere when he left the Immortal World many years ago.

  • Jessica is a newly turned Vampyr being brought before the Prince. Turning a mortal without permission is prohibited & people are wondering who turned this new one.

Were Clans

  • Hathor has the power to root evil out of a soul and replace it with goodness and love. She is a good friend of King Oberon who was her mentor.

  • Osiris is the Lord of the Underworld, the gatekeeper for departed souls, and the guardian of the Book of the Dead.


  • James is the Council's Public Relations expert with deep ties within the media. It is his job to keep the existence of immortals hidden from the mortal world.

  • Tamara is a banker to the Immortals and the niece of Professor Jackson. She is also in charge of charity fundraising and disbursements to certain mortal charities. She works closely with King Oberon in the Immortal Finances. 

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