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Our goal is to ensure everyone has an amazing and unforgettable experience with our professionally-crafted murder mystery party game kits. We offer a wide selection of games that are perfect for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, team-building events, and more. Whether you’re a first-time host or a seasoned party planner, you'll find everything you need to ensure your murder mystery party is a success. - Box or Download Kits Available.

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Murder at the Four Deuces Game.

It's 1920, and Prohibition is in full swing. Don and MeMe Wannabe are hosting the grand opening celebration for their new Speakeasy, the Four Deuces, and you are invited to attend. The Four Deuces is a swanky juice joint serving booze and music in the front. You can try your hand at a game of chance in the back, and upstairs is a very high-class and exclusive brothel. The cream, and not-so-cream of society, will be here. With gangsters, politicians, dolls, molls, and many other interesting guests in attendance, this event is sure to be the bee's knees.

Murder at the Four Deuces
The Bees Knees of Roaring Twenties Murder Mystery Party Games

If you're looking for a unique way to entertain your friends, co-workers, and family – why not host a murder mystery party? Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games has crafted the most exciting and immersive murder mystery party game kits in the industry. Our games feature a unique and thrilling storyline that is full of twists and turns that will keep your guests entertained for hours. 


We encourage the host to participate fully in the game, and our detailed instructions allow even the novice host to create an exciting and memorable party. Our goal is to make sure your party will be engaging for all participants, so forget sitting around a table reading boring scripted lines. Instead, you and your guests will be actively engaged as you investigate the crime in search of Whodunit. But, the fun doesn't stop there! Every guest will have secrets, schemes, and their own plots to play.


Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games will provide a night of mystery, intrigue, and of course, a whole lot of fun; and we are here for you every step of the way. Expert Help via Chat, Text, Email, or Phone provides you with your own party planner on speed dial! Our full service and FREE support can't be beat.


So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to liven up your next dinner party, then look no further!

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