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Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games - Helping You Host Killer Parties for 23 Years!

Traveling With Friends

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance and appreciation of the people in your life.

Strengthen your friendship bonds by hosting a party your friends will always remember!

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After your game, be sure to leave a review to be entered to win a FREE Murder Mystery Game in our Monthly Contest Giveaway.

Our line of complete murder mystery party game kits contains everything you need to successfully host a party that your guests will be dying to attend. Available in both Box and Digital formats.

It started with a dream to host the best party ever!... 
Something unique... 
Something your guests would be dying to attend... 
Eureka! You just had a fantastic idea... Why not host a Murder Mystery Party?
As your quest begins to find the perfect murder mystery party game kit, you find yourself overwhelmed by choices. So... many... choices! What's the ideal host to do to ensure they get the best game for their event? Well, choose us, of course! But why? 

  • With our interactive games, your party will run like a real party. You won't be sitting around a table reading scripted lines. 

  • Everyone has secrets. It's not just about solving a murder but keeping your skeletons in the closet and accomplishing your developing goals as you try to unearth others' buried secrets.

  • As the host, you will be able to participate fully. No sitting on the sidelines while everyone else has fun!

  • The game-hosting duties won't overwhelm you, and we are there for you every step of the way. Expert Help via Chat, Text, Email, or Phone. You will have your own party planner on speed dial! Our full service and FREE support can't be beaten.

  • Our games are available in many formats: Boxed, Digital (download and print), Virtual, and soon-to-release Virtual Table Top via Roll20!

On each game page, you will find the following:

  • A complete game description

  • View a Free Preview - Host Guide, Guest List Worksheet, Sample Character Background, and Character Confidential

  • Cast of Characters

  • Game Contents

  • Rating - We are creating a Mature and Clean version of our games!

  • Our games are available in either Box or Digital Download and Print PDF versions. The only difference between them is that we provide all materials printed and ready to use in the Box version.

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