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Holiday Theme Party Ideas

It's time for the the holidays, and our holiday theme party page will help you find everything you need to shine as the host of the best holiday party on the block! These costumes and fashion accessories, decorations, activities, music, menu suggestions with recipes, and much more are perfect for hosting this kind of theme party. 

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Holiday Party Theme Sections

Each section covers different party ideas. If you have any suggestions for additions, we would love to hear them!

The Santa Clause Box or The Santa Clause Digital

It's time for the annual Holiday Party for the law firm Lie, Cheat, and Steal, a powerhouse law firm with influential ties to business, government, and politics. This party is one that everyone is just dying to attend. Quite literally, that is. Mr. A. Big Scam, the next in line to become a Partner in the firm, was found stuffed up his chimney in a Santa Suit!

Holiday Games
  • Mystery Soup - Add a little mystery to your next dinner party with our Mystery Soup recipe.

  • Killer Cheese Dip (HOT) - A hot spicy party cheese dip recipe that has been known to make women faint, strong men cry, and small children run for their mommies.

  • Heart Attack in a Crock-Pot - This crockpot dish is a great addition to any murder mystery theme party. 

  • Murderous Meatballs - You can't go wrong with our murderous meatballs recipe.

  • Death By Chocolate Cake - This recipe is a wonderful, rich, and decadent experience & oh so easy to make. It is a huge hit at our murder mystery parties.

  • Murderous Melon Balls - Scoop melons and serve!

  • Grapes of Wrath - Bibb Lettuce, Toasted Almonds, Red Grapes, and Crumbled Bleu Cheese Drizzled with Honey Mustard Dressing.


  • Classic Culinary Arts - Hundreds of Gourmet Recipes from the 19th century. There are some fantastic recipes for creating a truly unique gourmet dining experience here.

Holiday Party Recipes

Holiday Costumes - When it's time to dress up for the holidays, you can get all your holiday costumes here.

Christmas Sweaters - Here, you can find both nice Christmas Sweaters and the perfect sweater for an ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Santa Hats Galore!

Holiday Costumes
Misc Party Items

- You Shall Not Pass - We have created a printout for you to hang in areas that you would like your guests to stay clear of!


These items are the best priced AND quality I've found on Amazon. Prime is free shipping. These items may also be available at your local office supply, but they will likely cost more.

  • Booklet Stapler - Bostitch Anti-Jam Long Reach Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Adjustable, Durable, Black. This is our backup stapler if our booklet machine goes down. It was around $20. You can get a little cheaper but check the reviews first. Bostitch staplers are some of the best you can get and are very reliable. Your local office supply may or may not carry these.

  • Staples - Don't forget these. You can get these for under $3 or go to your local office supply store. 

  • 2x4 Labels for name tags and organizing labels. This package has 100 sheets for around $13. Check the 10% off the box!

  • Blank Business Cards - If you have an extra character packet or our Immortal Murders game, you will need to print business or spell cards on blank business card stock.

  • Parchment Paper - For Certificates, you will need blank parchment paper. We include the certificate design, so you don't need actual certificate paper. You can choose your own color and price from the selection.

  • Paper - Lastly, you need printer paper. I love this eco paper. It's clean, bright, and affordable. Paper has gotten so expensive! You get 3 reams for under $20. 

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