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The Santa Clause - M - Download
Murder Mystery Party Game 

It's time for the annual Holiday Party for the law firm Lie, Cheat, & Steal, a powerhouse law firm with influential ties to business, government, and politics. This party is one that everyone is just dying to attend. Quite literally, that is. Mr. A. Big Scam, who was the next in line to become a Partner in the firm, was found stuffed up his chimney in the Santa suit he was going to wear to the party!


Someone leaked a statement to the press stating that Mr. Lie will be announcing his retirement and replacement at the party tonight. With Mr. Scam dead, who will be the one to get this lofty and very sought-after partnership?

The Santa Clause is a contemporary murder mystery game that takes place at the Holiday Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat, & Steal. With this many lawyers & politicians involved, there is sure to be plenty of backstabbing going around.

For 8-20 Guests - with a minimum of 8 guests required and a max of 20, or up to 40 with our optional 2 Extra Character Packets. This is our Download & Print version.

Note: While there is a murder that takes place before the game, there is also a murder that takes place at the party. We have methods for hosting much larger parties listed in our FAQ.


Written by Mary Lee

Artwork by Darryl Taylor

Preview The Santa Clause - Mature

View our Free Game Preview to understand better how our games work. Links will load a flip book of the booklet! The Sample Character Booklets are not in-game characters, so they won't reveal anything in the likely event you are playing. In a pinch, they can be used though.


  • The Santa Clause Host Guide - Explains how our games run, how to host them, and a step-by-step for the event.

  • The Santa Clause Sample Character Background Booklet - This will instruct your guests on how to play the game and what they can expect. It also gives them their assigned character's background information and other suggestions or instructions they may need.

  • The Santa Clause Sample Confidential Booklet - these are not given out until after the murder and will tell your guests what secrets they have, secrets they know about others, and things they may need to say or do. 

  • IMPORTANT: After purchase, you will receive a follow-up email with info to access the Character Backgrounds for your game so you can email these to your guests along with the Host Guide and Guest List Worksheet to assign characters.  If you do not get it, check your junk folder. If you still have not received it, then please reply to your receipt and let me know, and I will get it to you. Also, email us if you purchase an extra character packet and need those straight-format background booklets to email.

  • Character Background Booklets which contain:

    • Guest List

    • How to Participate in a Murder Mystery Instructions

    • Character Background

    • Any information the character may need.

  • Character Confidential Booklets - Contain Secrets, Knowledge, and Things to Do.

  • Host Guide Booklet - This includes a Step By Step

  • Organizing Guide and Organizing Labels

  • Guest List Worksheet (to assign characters to guests).

  • Weapon & Action Card System (There is an optional weapon card scavenger hunt. We will provide the link to that in the materials you receive).

  • Nametags

  • Full-Size Evidence

  • Evidence Presentation

  • Game Money (for all those nefarious schemes).

  • Whodunit Cards and Worksheet

  • Graphics or flyers to display.

  • Solution

  • Certificates for:

Best Performer - For Oscar-deserving performance skills.

Dressed to Kill - For using outstanding creative imagination in costuming.

Super Sleuth - For using superior wits and detective skills to solve the mystery.

Super Villain - For being the sneakiest and most backstabbing player in the game.

Wealthiest Player - For using cunning, bribery, and other nefarious skills to amass the most wealth.


The Santa Clause Tame rating breakdown:​​

  • The murder does take place at the party.

  • There are a few past affairs.

  • There is a character who nips the bottle a little and one who practices Voodoo.

  • These situations are handled humorously to keep things light and non-offensive. This game is NOT suitable for conservative individuals.

  • Will Lie - Senior Partner in the firm of Lie, Cheat & Steal. Rumor has it that he is getting ready to announce his retirement and his replacement at the Christmas Party.

  • Constance Cheat - Constance made a full partner in the firm two years ago. Speculation runs rampant on how she achieved that feat. Was she sleeping with one of the senior partners? Maybe she blackmailed the partners? When it was announced that she was coming on board as a full partner, Mr. Lie stated that she was sought after because of her large, influential clientele. That may be true. Her father is Senator Earl E. Bird. Constance is married to a younger man named Igotta. She refers to him as her boy toy.

  • Seymour Steal- Seymour has been a partner with the firm for almost sixteen years. He was a staunch family man until a few years ago when he hit a mid-life crisis. He bought a red convertible, rented a bachelor pad, and started hanging out in bars and having affairs. He was still surprised when his wife, Enid A. Drink, left and divorced him.

  • Enid A. Drink - Ex-wife to partner Seymour Steal. Enid was a dutiful housewife until her hubby hit a mid-life crisis. She refers to her ex as The Toad. Enid likes a little nip now and then. Since her divorce, it has been rumored that she has been collecting Voodoo Relics. Some say she even has a six-foot snake!

  • Shamus Steal - The son of Seymour Steal. When his dad wigged out, Shamus was going to college to become a lawyer. After his mother and father divorced, Shamus changed from corporate law to representing environmentalists and animal rights activists, usually against his father’s clients.

  • Inspector Ness- The Inspector is here to investigate the death of Mr. A. Big Scam, who was found murdered two days ago, wearing a Santa suit and stuffed up his chimney.

  • Ben DeToy - It is rumored that Ben may be the next in line to become a partner now that Mr. Scam is dead. He is a brilliant lawyer but has a habit of stepping on toes. He is a playboy through and through. His good looks and numerous affairs are regularly discussed around the water cooler.

  • Marsha Mellow - Pharmaceutical Magnate owns Vale Drugs, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. The law firm represents the company’s interests.

  • Gabby Gossip - Gossip Columnist for the Dirty Daily. Gabby just loves her work. She thinks there is nothing better than digging up and dishing out the dirt.

  • Mary Christmas - Receptionist for the firm. Not the brightest bulb in the office, but Mary is always very happy and upbeat. It is rumored that this perky ray of sunshine has been seen after work hours in the company of Ben DeToy. With Ben’s reputation, it is assumed that they are having an affair.

  • Senator Earl E. Bird – Good friend to Will Lie. They have a mutually beneficial relationship. Through the Senator, Will met Constance Cheat before he asked her to become a partner.

  • Mambo Phillipa Macumba – Mambo Macumba is a Voodoo High Priestess visiting from Haiti. She is considered a very holy woman in her country.

  • Bonnie Bolin – Bonnie works for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and her husband, Brian, was a recently kidnapped Virologist.

  • Chip Shoulder – Chip owned The Greasy Spoon before it was shut down due to a serious e-Coli outbreak. Chip only did six months in jail. His defense lawyer was Seymour Steal. They say he isn’t happy about that six-month sentence!

  • Keene Whistleblower – Keene is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Inspector. Badger Nutkins – No one knows why this strange man with this strange name is here.

  • Igotta Cheat - Constance Cheat’s husband. Last Christmas, Constance went to France on holiday and came back married to him. Igotta gets upset when Constance calls him her boy toy, but she just laughs it off. His father is one of two top Genetic Scientists who mysteriously disappeared three months ago.

  • Barbie Dahl-Scam - Widow of A. Big Scam. Barbie was an aspiring actress when she met her husband.

  • Justin Case - State Attorney General. He is one of Constance Cheat’s clients. Justin ensures the Firm gets all the contracts to bring lawsuits on behalf of the state. That tobacco lawsuit last year put almost $27 million into the Firm’s account!

  • Sue Yu - Sue is the 'Ambulance Chaser' in the Firm. At least, that is what people call her behind her back. She will take on almost any lawsuit, no matter how frivolous. The thing about Sue is that she wins almost every case!

  • Chris Mass - A Private Investigator. No one knows exactly what a PI is doing here.

  • ​Lou Natic is the infamous actor well known for his trigger temper and lofty demands.

  • Marie Inhaste has been widowed four times. They call her the Black Widow. Each of her rich and powerful husbands died of heart failure. Men really have a lot to say about that fact. She may be on the lookout for #5.

  • Stan Dingproud is an absent-minded English Professor. He is very intelligent but has a habit of walking off in the middle of a conversation.

  • May Flowers is a quirky psychologist whose favorite pastime is analyzing everyone she meets.

  • Sally Forth is a Famous Psychic. Sally claims to hear the voices of the dearly departed.

  • Dr. Hugh DeMann claims to be a world-renowned physician, but nobody seems to have heard of him.

  • Harry Hyde is a little paranoid. Okay, so maybe he’s a lot paranoid. His theories are interesting, to say the least.

  • Robin Banks is called the gentleman thief. Ladies practically swoon at the thought of being robbed by him.

  • Jenna Feline is a very eccentric heiress. She has oodles of cats and dresses quite strangely.

  • Betty Kant claims to be a forensic entomologist who prefers to be called a maggotologist. Her knowledge of bugs can reveal when, where, and sometimes how a victim died. At least, these are the claims she makes. Sounds like voodoo science to us.

  • Georgio Gigolo is all the rage with the ladies. Suave and debonair, he can charm most ladies right out of anything he desires.

  • Carolyn Monroe is considered a sex goddess. She is blond and beautiful, but not too bright. She isn’t afraid to use her many assets to get what she wants from life.

  • Dr. Heckle is a strange one. One moment the Doctor is intelligent, albeit boring, then the next he is outgoing, chasing women, drinking and eating in excess, with no manners whatsoever.

  • Mr. Smith claims to be in town on business, but no one seems to know him or agree on what his business is.

  • Lester Jester is a practical joker. Watch your back with this one around you!

  • Karma Delight is a belly dancer. She claims to have been betrothed to an Arab Prince before he was murdered.

  • Jimmy Skimmy is an extremely successful accountant. Some wonder just how he came by all of his expensive little toys. Many seem to be outside the reach of even the best accountant’s income.

  • Kikki Kickit is a for-hire bodyguard. While many find the occupation unusual or even scandalous, they would not dare say anything about it. She was trained in the Far East, and it is said that she can kill a man with one strike

  • Vera Leigh is a celebrated artist. In fact, she is almost famous. They say she produced some of the best forgeries of famous works seen in recent years.

  • Mrs. Smith is no relation to Mr. Smith. She is the owner of Soul Reaper, Inc. Her business license says she is a bounty hunter, but there are whispers that she is really an assassin.

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