Murder at the Four Deuces  2 - Download
Murder Mystery Party Game 

It's New Year's Eve, 1924. Don and MeMe Wannabe are hosting their annual New Year's Eve Bash at their swanky joint, The Four Deuces, and you are invited to attend. It is sure to be the bee's knees! The cream, and not so cream, of society, will be here. With gangsters, hitmen, politicians, jazz singers, molls, and many other interesting guests in attendance, there are sure to be a lot of big deals being made here tonight. This is the sequel to our popular Murder at the Four Deuces game.

Murder At The Four Deuces is a rip-roaring, 1920's gangster murder mystery party game, with plenty of plotting, bribery, and backstabbing to be had.

This game is loosely based on some of the very first Chicago and New York Gangsters, their rivalries, speakeasies, and love lives. Al Capone was still a bouncer just moving up in the "Family". 

For 10-20 Guests - with a minimum of 10 guests required and a max of 20, or up to 40 with our optional 2 Extra Character Packets.

This is our Download & Print version of Murder at the Four Deuces 2 - the sequel.

Murder at the Four Deuces 2 Artwork

Written by Mary Lee

Artwork by Darryl Taylor

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Murder at the Four Deuces 2

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  • Host Guide - Explains how our games run, how to host them, and a step-by-step for the event.

  • Guest List Worksheet - This is a worksheet to assign your guests to their characters. 

  • Sample Character Background Booklet & Confidential Booklet - these are not in the game so they won't reveal anything in the likely event you are playing. In a pinch, they can be used though.

  • If you purchase our Boxed version of the Murder Mystery Party Game, you will get a follow-up email with a link to download the Character Backgrounds for your game so you can email these to your guests before you even get your box. It will also include the Host Guide and Guest List Worksheet in this preview to assign characters.

  • Character Background Booklets which contain:

    • Guest List

    • How to Participate in a Murder Mystery Instructions

    • Character Background

    • Any information the character may need.

  • Character Confidential Booklets - Contain Secrets, Knowledge, and Things to Do.

  • Host Guide Booklet - This includes a Step By Step

  • Organizing Guide and Organizing Labels

  • Guest List Worksheet, (to assign characters to guests).

  • Weapon & Action Card System, (There is an optional weapon card scavenger hunt. We will provide the link to that in the materials you receive).

  • Nametags

  • Full-Size Evidence

  • Evidence Presentation

  • Game Money, (for all those nefarious schemes).

  • Whodunit Cards and Worksheet

  • Graphics or flyers to display.

  • Solution

  • Certificates for:


Best Performer - For Oscar deserving performance skills.

Dressed to Kill - For using outstanding creative imagination in costuming.

Super Sleuth - For using superior wits and detective skills to solve the mystery.

Super Villain - For being the sneakiest and most backstabbing player in the game.

Wealthiest Player - For using cunning, bribery, and other nefarious skills to amass the most wealth.


Murder at the Four Deuces 2 Tame rating breakdown:​​

  • The murder takes place at the party.

  • There are references to prohibition and booze.

  • The content is very much controlled by the version of the 1st Murder at the Four Deuces your group played. If you played the Mature, then there is a Madam and were affairs. If you played the Tame, then all of this is different. 

  • There is no cursing or name-calling unless your guest takes it upon themselves to do so.

  • We handle all mature content in a very tasteful manner.

  • Don Wannabe - Chicago’s Family Boss. Referred to as ‘The Gentleman’, Don took over the family operations after the unfortunate demise of Big Jim Ravioli in 1920. Everyone knows he is a very even-tempered boss who knows how to keep the peace by taking care of the people that work for him. He is very well-liked among his peers.

  • MeMe Wannabe - Married to Don Wannabe. With their combined head for business, the two have managed to amass a fortune. Tonight they host their annual New Year’s Eve Party at their elite Four Deuces Speakeasy. MeMe is the ultimate gracious hostess.

  • Al Capone - Don Wannabe’s Chief Lieutenant. Brought from New York by Don Wannabe to become his bouncer for the new club. After the former Don’s demise, he became second in command to the new Boss, Don Wannabe. He also married Don Ravioli’s widow, Carrie Crooner, within three months.

  • Carrie Crooner-Capone - Don Big Jim Ravioli’s widow. She married Al Capone within three months of her husband’s death. She is now the headline jazz singer for the Four Deuces club. Don Wannabe pays her extremely well they say.

  • U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal - The Congressman lost his presidential bid when it became known that he was a close associate of the slain Don Ravioli. His wife Mary divorced him shortly afterward to marry Mayor Big Bill Bumpkin. He married Baroness Ravioli not long after his divorce was final. He is now running against Big Bill to hold his Congressional seat.

  • Baroness Ravioli-Toosteal - Mother to the former Don Big Jim Ravioli. The Baroness still loves to wear tiaras and lord it over anyone she considers 'beneath' her. She married the Congressman shortly after his divorce. Don Wannabe took very good care of her until her marriage.

  • Vicky Ravioli-Tequila - Ex-wife to the slain Don Ravioli. It surprised everyone when she eloped with Capo ‘Toto’ Tequila right after the death of her ex-husband. She is attending tonight with her friend Texas Molly to see her daughter Rebecca and to represent her husband's New York interests in the Chicago business.

  • Weiss Guy - The Boss of the North Side Irish Mob. He will be attending this event after being invited by Don Wannabe to discuss some issues that seem to be causing friction between the two.

  • Rebecca Sleaze - Daughter to Vicky and the slain Big Jim. She is still married to Sly Sleaze. After her mother, Vicky married the Capo the murder charges against her were dropped. It seems that all evidence in the case disappeared. She is known to be under the protection of the New York Capo.

  • Inspector Neville 'The Nose' Nutella - The Inspector will be attending the function to keep the peace. He is now known to be a close associate of Don Wannabe.

  • Bugs Moron - Chief Lieutenant to Weiss Guy. He will be attending to watch the back of his boss. It is also rumored that he may be the one behind the current friction between the North and East side. He has been known to make very inappropriate remarks about our proud Italian heritage.

  • Texas Molly – Texas is the owner of a Speakeasy in New York called the 300 Club. From Waco Texas this feisty gal is the pistol-packing, barrel-riding Queen of the West. She portrayed the first cowgirl in the movie “The Wildkat”. She is attending with her friend Vickie Ravioli- Tequila.

  • Mayor 'Big Bill' Bumpkin - Big Bill is the Mayor of Chicago. Bill married Mary Toosteal after her divorce was final. After 4 years they say they are still happy. The Mayor is a very good friend to Don Wannabe & is now running against Congressman Darrin Toosteal for his Congressional seat.

  • Mary Bumpkin - Wife to Mayor Big Bill Bumpkin. Mary is still the perfect political wife. She comes from old money and powerful connections. Since divorcing U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal it is said that her new marriage is a very happy one.

  • Rhett Bumbler – A local gambler that is not very good at cards or dice. His attempts to cheat are so laughable that most people tend to overlook them. No one is really sure where his loyalties lay or if he even has any. He has been seeing Donna Wannabe for the last year.

  • Donna Wannabe - Don Wannabes' little sister. Donna is now dating Rhett Bumbler. She chased him for 3 years, obviously a very determined woman. She wrote a tell-all book on the inside look at film stars. It is very successful, but she is no longer welcome in Hollywood.

  • Sly Sleaze - Sly now runs the horse-betting ring for Don Wannabe. He made an agreement with the Telegraph Company to be the only person able to receive the live horse race results immediately in the Chicago area. He sells these results to local bookies for 1/2 of their take. In exchange for all his work, the Don gives him 50% of the earnings. He is married to Rebecca Ravioli & has grown his business to New York with her family connections.

  • Vanessa Crooner - Mother to Carrie Crooner-Capone. It is widely known that she doesn’t think Al is any better for her sweet little girl than her last husband. Vanessa & Guilda Guiseppi are inseparable.

  • Cash Steal – Cash is attending as Vanessa Crooners' escort. He rents a room from her and Vanessa claims he is a very good handyman to have around.

  • Guilda Guiseppi - Guilda is a maybe widow. Her husband Jack ‘Greasy Thumbs’ Guiseppi went missing the day after Don Ravioli was murdered. Vanessa Crooner is her best friend.

  • Mama Barker – Momma has 4 teen sons that run errands for Don Wannabe. He sees a lot of promise in the boys and likes Momma for her dedicated loyalty to her boys


​This is really the best extra character packet for the game, as these characters are written into the plot, so they are a little more than just extras. Plus you get a bartender character to help at your party! This packet is to be used with our Murder at the Four Deuces 2 game only. NOT the original 4 Deuces!

  • Penny Cheatum – A high-profile attorney who specializes in ‘Family’ Law.

  • Henry Hooch – Henry is beginning to develop a name for himself. They say he makes some of the best hooch available this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

  • Serina Siren – Serina and her brother come from Italy. Her father Guido disappeared after rumors that he was plotting his boss’s demise. The Sicily Family thought it would be best for the Siren children to see America. Serina is known to be a very modern woman who has the brains and looks to get what she wants.

  • Hobart T. King – Hobart made the film On the Wagon. It was supposed to be a western, but the few that saw it said it was a disaster. We have heard that he is here scouting for talent and investors for his new romantic film.

  • Glenna Glib – Glenna was voted “Most Talkative Person” every year in college. I don’t’ think any more than that needs to be said. If you have further questions Glenna will be happy to regale you for hours with the answers.

  • Tom Hops – The suave, talented, and friendly Four Deuces bartender.

  • Scoop Jennings – Scoop is a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. Assign this character to a Female Guest!

  • Sam Siren – Brother to Serina and son of the deceased Guido Siren. Samuel is looking to join a new family. They say he is very talented, but can he be trusted?

  • Color Pencille – An up-and-coming artist. She comes from a creative family who was scandalized when her mother chose to marry a lawyer! It was simply shocking… a lawyer with no artistic interest whatsoever!

  • R.K. Oswald – Owner of W4DR Radio Station. His station is one of the most listened to in Chicago. He also hosts a talk show.

  • Lou Natic - This Infamous actor is well known for his easily triggered temper and lofty demands

  • Marie Inhaste - Widowed 4 times. They call her the Black Widow. Each of her rich and powerful husbands died of heart failure. Men really have a lot to say about that fact. She may be on the lookout for #5.

  • Stan Dingproud - Absent-minded English Professor. He is very intelligent but has a habit of walking off in the middle of a conversation.

  • May Flowers - A quirky psychologist whose favorite pastime is analyzing everyone she meets.

  • Sally Forth - Famous Psychic. Sally claims to hear voices of the dearly departed and predict future events.

  • Dr. Hugh Demann - Claims to be a world-renowned physician, but nobody seems to have heard of him.

  • Harry Hyde - Harry is a little paranoid. Okay so maybe he's a lot paranoid. His theories are interesting, to say the least.

  • Robin Banks - They call him the gentleman thief. Ladies practically swoon at the thought of being robbed by him.

  • Jenna Feline - Jenna is a very eccentric heiress. She has oodles of cats and dresses very strangely.

  • Betty Kant - Betty is a forensic entomologist who prefers to be called a maggotologist. Her knowledge of bugs can reveal when, where & sometimes, how a victim died.

  • Georgio Gigolo - Georgio is all the rage with the ladies. Suave and debonair, he can charm most ladies right out of anything he needs. 

  • Carolyn Monroe - Carolyn is considered a sex goddess. Blond, beautiful but not well educated. She uses her many assets to get what she wants from life.

  • Dr. Heckle - One moment the Doctor is intelligent, albeit boring, then the next he is outgoing, chasing women, drinking, and eating in excess, with no manners whatsoever.

  • Mr. Smith - Mr. Smith claims to be in town on business, but no one seems to know him or agree on what that business is.

  • Lester Jester - Lester is a practical joker. It is best to be prepared for anything when he's around.

  • Karma Delight - Karma is an exotic dancer. She claims to have been a concubine to an Arab Prince before he was killed in a civil uprising.

  • Jimmy Skimmy - Jimmy is an extremely successful accountant. Some wonder just how he really got all his expensive little toys.

  • Kikki Kickit - Kikki is a for-hire bodyguard. While many find the occupation unusual or even scandalous they would not dare say anything about it. She was trained in the Far East and it is said that she can kill a man with one strike.

  • Vera Leigh - Vera is a celebrated artist. Almost famous in fact. They say she produced some of the best forgeries of famous works seen in recent years.

  • Mrs. Smith - No relation to Mr. Smith. She is the owner of Soul Reaper, Inc. She claims to be a bounty hunter, but there are whispers that she is an assassin.