Class of '57 - Box Set
Murder Mystery Party Game

It is time for the All Saints College Class of '57 Reunion. For one night we will return to the good old days when Elvis was at the top of the charts. Sock hops, hula-hoops, and poodles were radioactive. Getting pinned meant something altogether different than it does these days.

Will old friendships and rivalries from those days survive or will we be able to fake it just as we do when we try adulting through life?

The Class of '57 is a little different than the rest of our games. First of all, the main 20 characters are all couples, which will be working together at times to achieve goals. They may have some secrets from each other, but overall, they will be working to protect each other. This murder mystery game is a 'clean' game. There are no affairs & people are basically good. Class of 57 is great for church groups and others who are worried about the possibility of offending guests. It can also be used for older teen groups!

Another difference is that the murder happens before the party. That is not to say that there won't be more murders during the evening. Those tend to happen in our games since we provide a lot of intrigue outside of the murder itself.

Class of 57 Box Set Artwork

Written by Mary Lee

Artwork by Darryl Taylor

For 10-20 Guests - with a minimum of 10 guests required and a max of 20, or up to 33 with our optional Extra Character Packet.

This is the same game as A Killer Reunion, just set in the 1950s, 

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Class of '57

Download our Free Game Preview to understand better how our games work.


  • Host Guide - Explains how our games run, how to host them, and a step-by-step for the event.

  • Guest List Worksheet - This is a worksheet to assign your guests to their characters. 

  • Sample Character Background Booklet & Confidential Booklet - these are not in the game so they won't reveal anything in the likely event you are playing. In a pinch, they can be used though.

  • If you purchase our Boxed version of the Murder Mystery Party Game, you will get a follow-up email with a link to download the Character Backgrounds for your game so you can email these to your guests before you even get your box. It will also include the Host Guide and Guest List Worksheet in this preview to assign characters.

  • Character Background Booklets which contain:

    • Guest List

    • How to Participate in a Murder Mystery Instructions

    • Character Background

    • Any information the character may need.

  • Character Confidential Booklets - Contain Secrets, Knowledge, and Things to Do.

  • Host Guide Booklet - This includes a Step By Step

  • Organizing Guide and Organizing Labels

  • Guest List Worksheet, (to assign characters to guests).

  • Weapon & Action Card System, (There is an optional weapon card scavenger hunt. We will provide the link to that in the materials you receive).

  • Nametags

  • Full-Size Evidence

  • Evidence Presentation

  • Game Money, (for all those nefarious schemes).

  • Whodunit Cards and Worksheet

  • Graphics or flyers to display.

  • Solution

  • Certificates for:


Best Performer - For Oscar deserving performance skills.

Dressed to Kill - For using outstanding creative imagination in costuming.

Super Sleuth - For using superior wits and detective skills to solve the mystery.

Super Villain - For being the sneakiest and most backstabbing player in the game.

Wealthiest Player - For using cunning, bribery, and other nefarious skills to amass the most wealth.


Class of '57 Clean rating breakdown:​​

  • The murder does not take place at the party, although there may be further murders that do if you choose to utilize the weapon cards.

  • The main 20 characters are all couples very much in love. There are no affairs at all in this game. This game was created for church groups or those looking for a VERY clean murder mystery game.


Jenny & Johnny

  • Then: Jenny and Johnny were our Prom King and Queen. Jenny was the head cheerleader, at every game cheering Johnny on to the National Championship, where he broke the quarterback record for most yards passing in a game. He received a National Championship ring that he wears proudly to this day.

  • Now: Johnny went into local politics as soon as he graduated college. He is now Mayor of our great town, with his loving wife Jenny at his side. They say he might be our next Governor!

Mary & Michael

  • Then: Mary and Michael were Jenny & Johnny's best friends. All through school they were constantly fighting. It took everyone by surprise when they eloped and got married the day after graduation. Before this time Michael had been going steady with Maria.

  • Now: Mary & Michael are still fighting. As of this printing, they have been separated and reconciled! Michael owns a shopping center in the same spot as the 2 factories owned by Stevens's father Jacob, whom they say, committed suicide after a corporate takeover by Michael 2 years ago. Mary is so sweet-natured that it always amazes us when we see them argue.

Maria & Mark

  • Then: Mark came from the wrong side of the tracks. Maria had doting, successful parents. They ran in different crowds. We weren't even aware that they knew each other until they showed up at graduation holding hands.

  • Now: Maria & Mark are the typical family. They have 2 kids and a dog. By all reports, they are still happily married. Mark is a pretty successful Mystery writer. He does a lot of traveling to research his books. As you know his twin sister Marilyn died from a fall down some stairs at our graduation party.

Susan & Steven

  • Then: Susan and Steven were the couple voted most likely to succeed. They were both intelligent with parents that were very well off. Susan's father came from old money & Stevens's owned the 2 biggest factories in town.

  • Now: Susan & Steven have 6 kids! They live in the mansion on the hill that has 12 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

Linda & Lenny

  • Then: Linda and Lenny were voted as the couple most likely to follow in the footsteps of Bonnie and Clyde. They were in a band together.

  • Now: Linda & Lenny surprised us all when they left college and formed a rock and roll band that had numerous number one hits. They have a new album about to be released.

Carol & Charles

  • Then: Charles was a quarterback for our rival team the Razorbacks and Carol took pre-law courses. They met senior year at the National Championships when Charles was on the sidelines due to a car accident.

  • Now: Carol & Charles are quite happily married. They are both Detectives and are investigating David's murder.

Becky & Bobby

  • Then: Becky and Bobby were high school sweethearts and married only a short while after graduating.

  • Now: Becky works in a flower shop and Bobby owns a small heating and air- conditioning company. Becky and Bobby are happily married to this day.

Nancy & Nate

  • Nancy & Nate were not in our class & no one knows anything about this pair or why they are here. Maybe they are guests of one of our classmates.

Paula & Peter

  • Then: As you know Peter was the Principle of our school when we attended and Paula was a Science Teacher.

  • Now: Paula is the long-standing head of the science faculty of the school and Peter retired shortly after his heart attack.

Tisha & Thomas

  • Then: Thomas graduated a year after our class and is the son of our former principal and his wife, Peter, and Paula.

  • Now: Thomas and Tisha are happily married. Tisha is a first-grade teacher and Thomas is half owner of the local Furniture Store. They will be attending our Reunion per Michael's request.

  • Lou Natic is the infamous actor well known for his easily triggered temper and lofty demands.

  • Mrs. Smith is no relation to Mr. Smith. She is the owner of Soul Reaper, Inc. Her business license says she is a bounty hunter, but there are whispers that she may be much more than that.

  • Stan Dingproud is an absent-minded English Professor. He is brilliant but has a habit of walking off in the middle of a conversation.

  • May Flowers is a quirky psychologist, whose favorite pastime is analyzing everyone she meets.

  • Sally Forth is a Famous Psychic. Sally claims to hear voices of the dearly departed.

  • Mr. Smith claims to be in town on business, but no one seems to know him or agree on what that business is.

  • Lester Jester is a practical joker. Watch your back with this one around you!

  • Jenna Feline is a very eccentric heiress. She has oodles of cats and dresses quite strangely.

  • Betty Kant claims to be a forensic entomologist who prefers to be called a maggotologist. Her knowledge of bugs can reveal when, where, and sometimes how, a victim died. At least, these are the claims she makes. Sounds like voodoo science to us.

  • Kikki Kickit is a for-hire bodyguard. While many find the occupation unusual, or even scandalous, they would not dare say anything about it. She was trained in the Far East and it is said that she can kill a man with one strike.

  • Vera Leigh is a celebrated artist. In fact, she is almost famous. They say she produced some of the best forgeries of famous works seen in recent years.

  • Jimmy Skimmy is an extremely successful accountant. Some wonder just how he came by all of his expensive little toys. Many seem to be outside the reach of even the best accountant’s income.

  • Harry Hyde is a little paranoid. Okay, so maybe he’s a lot paranoid. His theories are interesting, to say the least.