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Meet our Awesome Team

Mary Lee

CEO & Writer

Wise Murder Mystery Party Guru that knows all... Yes, I am one of those annoying creatures. What can I say? I still have important lessons to learn and unknown roads to travel! Adventure awaits those that aren't afraid to go out and live it! See? Wise Guru! Or maybe I just read it on the back of a cereal box. Anyway...


I wrote my first murder mystery game in 2000, created Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games and what started as a creative outlet became my passion! Keys to Happiness: Devote time every day to your passions and be grateful for every mundane or fantastical thing in your life. 💜



This, That & Everything

Guru in training that knows a little. That's where CEO / Moms know it all comes in handy. It may have the added side effect of driving him a bit bonkers. A little payback for aging his mom way before her time! He's an expert archery marksman. Since 2009 he has attended, then at 16 started volunteering every year at the Double G Ranch Diabetes Camp as a Cabin Counselor and Archery Instructor. He's also very proficient with bo-staff, swords, chain whips and has a very large collection of edged objects that he does know how to use well. He started his training at a young age. Now I'm sure you better understand moms' premature aging. But he's grown into a bada$$ with a heart of gold! 

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