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About Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party Games

I started out hosting murder mystery dinner parties in local restaurants and conference rooms in 2000 after my youngest son Chance was born. I purchased a really horrendous game from an online vendor and faced terrible embarrassment when I hosted it. It was a very hard lesson that led to one of the best things to ever happen to me. After this experience, I wrote my first game, determined to never have to rely on the unknown for my reputation. It took 4 months of working 60-hour weeks to write our first game, Murder at the Four Deuces. Based on real-life characters and events in the roaring twenties in Chicago, it was a HUGE hit at my next hosted event. I decided to offer it for sale online so others could enjoy it too. Within weeks the murder mystery game business was doing better than the dinner theater ever had and it allowed me to stay home with my infant son. So, goodbye to dinner theater, and hello to what you see before you now. 

Since we opened online in late 2000, we have become masters of our craft. Hey, don't scoff! Everyone excels at something. I'm happy that this is one of mine. Our commitment to exceptional products and incomparable customer care keep customers coming back for more. We all need fun, stress-relieving, and bonding experiences more than ever now and our games can't be beat for all of those.

Masked Beauty

So what are we up to now?

• I'm working on a smaller game for 4-10 people so families and small groups can enjoy our games. It's called A Clueless Murder and loosely based on the Clue game or movie premise.

• We are translating all of our games into several languages. It's also why we are redesigning the website to be Multilingual. If you are bi-lingual and interested in helping us while earning a commission on every sale of the game you translate, please contact me.

• We are in the process of converting our games into Virtual Games, so you can host a murder mystery party remotely, thereby staying safe, nurturing those important friendships, and having fun! 

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