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idea: create 'chance' cards for Four Deuces?

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idea: create 'chance' cards for Four Deuces?

Postby vilaine » March 26th, 2009, 1:36 pm

(party date: April 25)

Reading somebody else's forum post inspired me to create a set of Roaring Twenties 'chance' cards, similar to Monopoly, where you could win or lose money. I decided this would be a great way to hand out more money from the Four Deuces casino (our only game is Yahtzee). It also helps that I found some play money at the dollar store that almost exactly matches the money that came in my kit.

I plan to glue the 'chance' cards to a set of playing cards and just have each person pick one and follow the instructions. Any money would come from or be paid to the "house", unless otherwise specified.

Let me know if you have any feedback or thoughts on this concept, especially the money amounts (higher, lower?). I was also considering hiding a few stacks of money in random spots around the house. From my calculations, I would have at least $41-61 after hiding money and the 'chance' cards. Is there anything else I could do with the extra money? I don't really want to have gambling where we need a dealer since we all want to be playing our parts, so another quick group activity for money would be good.

house money starting total $120
subtract 5 stacks of $10 hidden around the house
subtract money going out (74 to 94)
add money coming in 65
= remaining $41- 61

'Chance' cards

positive (win money)
  • Congratulations! Your smart investments give you a dividend of $10.
  • Roll a house die and receive 4 times the die value in cold, hard cash! ($4-24)
  • It's your birthday! Collect a gift of $5 from each player.
  • You own the local opera house and all of tonight's guests want opening night seats, collect $5 from each guest.
  • Receive $5 from player on immediate left for "services rendered" *wink, wink*
  • You are elected president of your social club, recieve $10.
  • You're a best-selling author of scandalous erotic romance novels, receive $10 for your latest thriller.
  • You're blackmailing the mayor about his indiscetions, receive $10.

opportunity (possibility to get money)
  • Try your luck, roll the house dice one time and get a 7 or 11, win $10.
  • Try your luck, roll the house dice one time and get snake eyes (double ones), lose $5.
  • Try your luck, roll the house dice one time and get boxcars (double sixes), win $10.
  • Cut the house deck of cards one time and get a face card, win $10.

negative (lose money)
  • You parked your Chrysler Coupé Royal in front of a fire hydrant, pay your $5 parking ticket.
  • You're smuggling booze in from Canada, pay the border guard $10 to hush him up.
  • You've been caught cheating! Pay $10 in backtaxes.
  • You are elected president of your social club, pay $10 for a celebration.
  • You had too much hooch last night and got zozzled, pay a $5 "drunk in public" fine.
  • Your second cousin Vinnie is getting married, buy him a wedding gift for $10.
  • You and your date are at the picture show and your date wants popcorn, pay $5.
  • You enter a marathon dance contest doing the Charleston, but your date falls down after 23 hours. Forfeit your $5 entrance fee.
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