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Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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May Winner

Postby 2coolbaby » July 4th, 2007, 3:19 pm

I accidently deleted this winning post. Forunately I had copied to content of the post, but the photos are gone. Which is a shame as they were some great photos. I will see if I can get the winner to come back and post them!

This party was a hit! There were 18 guests and everyone came dressed to the nines for the time period - there was even a Zoot Suit, lots of shoe chaps, high style Mafia dress by Al and Toto, flapper dresses, and feathers (still finding them in the house ! I even made my dress from a patter I got on-line from Past Patterns. I had not sewn for years and had lots of fun doing it. Big Jim carried an antique booze bottle with him that had all his notes on the back so he could be sure to get his information out before he died. He died a dramatic death amid much screaming by the ladies in the room. After dragging him into the laundry room, he was reincarnated as Sly Sleeze and went upstairs to dress in a a totally new costume - he was a hit and was eventually given the prize for "best costume".

There were 4 other murders committed, including me (MeMe) toward the end because I was blackmailing Rebecca. She found the poison tipped finger and hired Toto to do me in. I was totally surprised by that. I came back as just a hostess. For the other murders, I had two game characters left that I assigned and I also made up names such as "Polly Graff" for additional inspectors.

One guest was a master at picking bodies clean, including reaching into my bra and dragging out my money (she didn't get it all though). She said "I'm a nurse and can do CPR", then went after my chest!!! (she actually is a nurse that I used to work with). She hung up coats that she found laying around and picked them clean in the process. She found envelopes laying around with money in them and emptied them out. She kept her money in her garter, exposed for all to see. Needless to say, she won the prize for most money in the end with over $1600!

Several people guessed the murderer but put down 2 names as the possible killer. Only one person put one name that was correct so she won the prize. Besides the certificates you provide, the winners got $5 gift cards to Starbucks and the one who guessed the murder also got a joke prize of a Potato Bonsai kit

The decorations were a big hit. I made collage pictures of old labels from cigar boxes, toiletries, travel tags, and food crates. I framed them and placed them around the house. I had black table cloths with white squares in the middle of the tables and red roses in vases on top of that. I made "florist cards" for the roses and for my silk plants that had notes of congratulations such as "Congradulations on openin yur new joint" and it was signed by "Louie 'the lip' Levine. There were several throughout the house from various gangsters and madams that could not come to the party. I had red marabou and tiny pearls swirled around the vases. I also made mini lamp shades for tea lights (battery operated for safety) with the Four Deuces logo and scattered them around the house. I have 3 little ducks in my guest bathroom that I decorated with marabou and flapper pearls and feathers - they were so cute. I put old labels on bottles of liquid hand cleaner, body spritzer, and other things on the bathroom counter. I made little bands with the logo on them to go around the napkins that I had wrapped around a fork. We had some doorway treatments with hanging card suit icons and I covered the words (Casino Night) on the top of the decoration with large letters that looked like they were cut from money and spelled out "The Four Deuces". The "brothel" was upstairs and there were signs that led guests up there. It was decorated with red scarves over the lamps, rose petals on the bed and floor, rose oil fragrance ring on the lamp, long white gloves on the bed, and a cute teddy bear looking ready for action. There was one weapon hidden under one of the red scarves and I was surprised that it was found. There was a whole train of people marching upstairs when I said "go" after they worked on their murder clues, so I figure that means they paid attention when they did a tour of the house before dinner. I am attaching several pics of my decorations to help give others ideas. That was the most challenging part of this game to me. I wish I could post more.

Dinner was a potluck which helped to make my work much easier. We provided dessert (Your recipe for Murder by Chocolate - big hit!), a virgin punch of "bathtub gin" that people could add their choice of "poison" to if they wanted. We had gin, vodka and rum sitting beside the punch bowl. We also had beer, wine, Snapple, water, and coffee.

We used one of the ideas I got from one of the other people on this forum. It was to hide 4 deuces with a note on them to let the guests know what they could use it for. They were a real hit! Another guest brought me a bouquet of flowers that had 4 deuces sticking out of them and she also put 4 deuces sticking out of the center of a garnish she had in the middle of the deviled eggs she brought.

Anyway, the party was so much fun and we have been asked for an encore. So we plan to do the sequel this summer and announce it as the grand opening of our outside dining section, and have it on our deck. Thank you Mary, for writing such a fun game. We look forward to doing this again. After hosting many How to Host a Murder games out of the box, we started to get bored because they seemed to be so predictable after we had played a few. This was a delightful, fun change and much more entertaining. We really liked the "real time" murders because they added a wonderful dimension to the party. You were also so very helpful when I had questions - you don't get that kind of support with other games. Thank you so much!
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