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June 2004 Winner - Lisa S.

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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June 2004 Winner - Lisa S.

Postby 2coolbaby » February 28th, 2005, 4:14 pm


First of all, I must say that you are so creative, Mary! To be able to intertwine these intricate plots…all of the characters and their personalities…amazing!

The evening started with a bang! The guests arrived starting at 7:00 PM, all dressed in their 1920's attire. Don Wannabe (my husband) and I (Madam Meme) greeted everyone at the door of our house of "ill repute." As they entered, guests were given their instructions and money. Guests started to mingle and get to know each other. We waited until everyone arrived before Don gave the introduction.

Everyone came dressed for the occasion! We were so impressed with the costumes and how everyone played the part of their character. Capo 'Toto' Tequila was dressed to kill as a gangster. Don 'Big Jim' Ravioli clearly was THE Don! Donna Wannabe looked like a movie star and Vicky Ravioli strutted her stuff.

As the game began, everyone did their part. Deals were made, backstabbing was at it's best! Everyone was out for him/herself. The night progressed and suddenly the lights went out and there was a loud "BANG." The lights went on and Big Jim was lying on the floor dead. He was hurriedly taken out of the room and the inspector took over. Stern and to the point, the inspector delivered his message. The game then went on. People started pointing fingers, secrets were revealed, and chaos set in! Awhile later we stopped the game and had everyone vote. Out of 33 people there, only 3 guessed the murderer! Gift certificates to local restaurants were given to the winners.

All in all the night was a huge success. Not one of the guests had ever been to a Murder Mystery party before and were so impressed with how it all turned out. My husband Brady and I are now known as the "party people" and everyone keeps asking when we're going to have our next mystery party. Thanks for the fun, Mary!
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