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July 2004 Contest Winner Marina C.

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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July 2004 Contest Winner Marina C.

Postby 2coolbaby » February 28th, 2005, 4:14 pm

Don Wannabe and his wife Madame Meme hosted the event of the season; it will be remembered for years to come. Although not everyone in attendance came out alive, it is rumored that everyone had a fabulous time. Good food and drink was had by all and murder, lies, stealing and extortion ran rampant all night.

***** will be appearing in court next month for the murder of Don ‘Big Jim’ Ravioli, thanks to the super sleuthing of Congressman Darrin Toosteal and Vicky Ravioli. Why would she turn in *****? Perhaps it has something to do with the rumor that Vicky and the Congressman have been secretly seeing each other.

The Baroness Ravioli was also murdered that evening, although many speculations have arisen about this murder, no one has been charged yet. So for we have heard that Madame Meme paid off her sister in-law to poison her, but Capo Toto Tequila beat Donna Wannabe to the punch.

Rhett Bumbler was another victim of Saturdays mayhem, again no one is charged, but we suspect that Don Wannabe had some issues with Rhett, not only was Rhett pursuing his younger sister Donna Wannabe, but we believe Mr. Bumbler had some information regarding Don skimming money from Big Jim.

In addition Carrie Crooner-Ravioli also appeared to be a victim of Don Wannabe, but we now believe she fainted from the shock of her husband’s death combined with a bad heart. She is recovering from her loses and has been seen in close company of Al Capone these days.

Al Capone was seen on many occasions stealing money from the poker tables, did Inspector Neville turn a blind eye to the thievery, or was he in on the take?

Hope you all enjoyed your evening at the Four Deuces; the Grand Opening was the Last Opening, as Inspector Neville shut the establishment down.

We look forward to the next evening together.... perhaps at the Christmas social of the law firm Lie, Cheat, and Steal

Madame Meme and Don Wannabe

We started the day decorating and converting our house into a speakeasy. We changed our living room into a lounge area with seating for everyone, our dinning room was converted into the bar, and dance floor with the buffet table set up for food, and our family room became the poker room. My husband made most the decorations from hand or from art deco prints off the internet. He turned most of them into posters we pasted on the walls and he even converted some of my magazines into something from that era by pasting old magazine covers over top, and we placed these in the lounge area. Our theme was red and black and was evident in all our decorations, from the glamorous 4 deuces wall hanging to the red and black table decorations. We even found some candy dishes in the 4 suits, which we placed on the bar to tie it in to the rest of the room.

As he finished decorating, I began prepping for dinner; the menu consisted of veggie platters and hors d’hovers, which I asked each couple to bring. We had layered dips, with bread, pitas and tortilla chips, mini quiches and puff pastries… everyone did a great job on these and at the end of the night hardly an appetizer was left. I served a creamy potato leek soup for a starter and the entrée was a bacon wrapped tenderloin roast with honey roasted butternut squash. I also made cinnamon caramel apple pouches for dessert instead of serving cake since it was my husband’s birthday. This meal, may sound difficult, but in fact was very simple and since the soup was made ahead and the entrée was in the oven cooking, it allowed me to serve a formal meal, and still entertain my guests and play the game. We served dessert fresh from the oven after the game ended and the inspector was reading his evidence.

After getting the food prepped, I headed upstairs to transform myself into Madame MeMe. I found a website that explained how to do your makeup to look like a lady from the 20’s so I piled it on, and to my amazement I thought I looked fabulous as my 2 year old daughter told me… “Mommy you look beautifulâ€
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